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  1. Gotta laugh at the "nice" fish comments. Like Sollozzo said to Don Corleone "If you think a 26.35 lb. brown is just nice......te salut".
  2. You said it! We pay for scumbags to breed and once the kids are born it's too late. Damn the nazis for ruining the concept of sterilization.
  3. Can't let 'em win. They didn't steal your soul. Scumbags have existed since the beginning of time and always will. Where we go wrong is allowing them to continue to exist after catching them doing something like this. I despise adult thieves.
  4. Nice. Glad to hear they cooperated today for you.
  5. Yup....finsntins put us on whatever fish there were to be had. No big 'uns on our last morning but it was fun getting tight anyway. Much appreciated Cap'n.
  6. Looks like I wasn't the only one that missed the date. ****!
  7. Anyone wanna venture a guess on an ice-out date for the eastern basin?
  8. Thanks for the info. We were out there the last weekend in April last year.....cold, clear and calm with a full moon.....and dead slow bite. Looks like maybe wait until early May to come out?
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