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  1. Nice job! Thanks for the instructions!
  2. I bought this spoon bag at the Salmon School this past winter and don't know who makes it or where to buy another.... Anyone got any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  3. I'm not a hunter but I do understand the loss...I am sorry you lost your Parker...I've lost a couple that will never be far from my heart, or my mind....
  4. I should have thought of the LOC dates...duh...I've planned trips based on the Fall Tournament previously. Thanks All!
  5. I am a teacher in Ohio, off June 1st to mid-August. I usually try to get up in late August for a few days of Salmon fishing but next year they're starting school a couple of weeks earlier. Last year I couldn't get up until Labor day and got nailed by cruddy weather. With that in mind, what are your opinions as to the best (weather and fishing) time for me to make my annual trip to the Wilson/Olcott area? Thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks...I hit think you hit it on the head...according to Cannon, they have a 30a reset switch under the unit, therefore the guys that installed my units when I bought the boat only put in 15a fuses...I would think that would blow them every time.... the one still sounds rough though and it won't do an automatic raise that Cannon says is the result of bad grounding of the boat...BUT, why does the other work so well...more research (and more experience) is needed!
  7. I was up to Wilson over the weekend and kept blowing fuses on one of my Mag 10As. It wouldn't lift without holding the switch up (not automatic) and after a short while would blow the 15a fuse. I ran out of 15s and subbed with 20's but again, it blew them. I checked the wiring and all looked good. What I think I figured out was that the rigger was straining to lift a 12# ball (the other never missed a beat) and now that I think about it, I wonder if there is a bad bearing or something else adding additional resistance to raising the ball. Does anyone have any experiences similar to my problem? Thanks in advance!
  8. I looked on here but didn't see what I'm looking for.... A buddy and I will be coming up this weekend to fish for some kings or whatever might hit. To avoid tangles (and a lot of swearing!) what do you recommend I run where? I kind of figured from the boat I'd run the Downs, then wire with a magnum Dipsey (on a 1 setting) and then outside run a higher #1 Dipsey (figured on a 2.5 setting)...does that sound like the right idea? Thanks to All for any suggestions you have!
  9. Homeless Shelter or a Food Bank? We donate road kill/unwanted deer to such agencies here in Ohio...just a thought!
  10. Hello LOU! I'm basically a walleye/perch Lake Erie fisherman from near Cleveland. I used to be on here but seem to have lost all my old login credentials...duh.... Anyway, I used to get up to Wilson at least once a year (usually August but I missed last year!) and managed to catch a personal best 32# King from near there a couple of years ago. I have a Great Lakes equipped Starcraft with Lowrance HDS, Cannon Downriggers and Minn Kota GPS (I use it as an autopilot!) trolling motor. Anyway, after reading the current postings, I'm beginning to think I should get up there a little earlier than August...guess I'll have to see what happens! Anyway, good to be back...Good Fishing to all! Ken (ksc4488)
  11. I just did a Gooogle search...I think you can get them online...here's one: http://www.lakemichiganangler.com/store/Special_Mate_5__Spoon_Tackle_Box_.htm
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