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  1. I headed out with Erupprecht this afternoon and as soon as we pasted the launch, Alewifes were jumping all around the boat with flocks of seagulls gorging themselves. When we reached the lake, all you could see was chocolate water with floating debris. We ran all the way West past the river before we started seeing cleaner water. We set up two riggers with a wire dipsy and started in 55 FOW, We continued West and got out to 70FOW with still not marking a fish. Since all the water inside was mud we moved out further to 105 FOW, still nothing. Finally we turned started back towards the bay and a rod fires, nobody home. We just could not find any fish tonight.

    We ran froggy flow DW, BF SSW and an orange & white R&R spoon (this is what fired). On the dipsy we ran a green dot SD with a mirage fly. I really didn't think changing lures would make a difference since we never marked anything so I just stayed with that.

    Very frustrating....I just wonder if fish are in the bay doing the same thing as the seagulls, gorging on Alewifes.

    Oh well, it was calm seas and it actually turned out to be a beautiful night. We seemed to be the only ones out there. Hope to get out this weekend, hopefully we can bounce back.


  2. Legacy-

    The link you attached from NOAA, is there a link when you open their site that gives you the info you posted? When I do it, I don't get the wave height.

    Thanks for any help

  3. Fished East of the bay from 6 AM til 10:30 AM, lots of debris making it hard to deal with so we only ran 2 flat lines long ways back (160+) and fished the whole time in water 8 to 12 FOW. We went 8 for 13 with one king and the rest browns. ALL on Firetiger, couldn't get anything else to work so just stuck with what worked. Since my brother's boat is smaller it was difficult with the waves so we didn't do anything more than that. Saw a lot more boats West....




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