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  1. So I guess with that being said, if you run a 60" leader behind a flasher you could not run a meat rig on a dipsy since you could not bring the fish to net with having such a long leader from the flasher on top of the leader going from the flasher to the dipsy.

    I would have thought the leader would have been similar to what we use with a fly but that's why I appreciate the information because I am no professional.


  2. I was actually reading through this thread last night as I wanted to learn about running meat rigs, the question I didn't see answered was how long is the leader from the flasher to the rig? Also, can these be run off of dipsies or better off of riggers?

    Thanks in advance. A lot of helpful info on that particular thread.

  3. Went out later and hit the water at 10:30 and fished until 3:30. Went 8 for 13 with all browns. Fished from Shipbuilders to Webster Pier, 10 FOW being the best for us. Found some stained water and that was where we took all the fish. All stick baits, other than 2 onfire tiger, all natural colors did well. Mostly 3-4 lbers with on nice one which was 12 lbs. My phone went dead so very poor picture from my brothers phone.


  4. This is my under fifteen dollar setup walmart plastic tote with 7/8" Styrofoam sheet cut a 1/4" higher than inside box dimension. Holds spoons nicely

    What is the reason for the added 1/4" in height?

  5. Just bought 2 of the Cisco's for my brother's lund, he has the Predator, those mounts are worth every penny. You just need to check if the track on your boat has a 90 degree angle on it or 42 degree. I bought the 90's and then had to exchange them.

  6. I inherited some older NK's from my brother, some of the silver backs are pretty dull. I am sure this has been asked and answered a bunch of times but what can be used to get the shine back? They also have a rust smell to them due to the split rings rusting up, is there anything to get rid of the smell?

    Thanks in advance

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