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  1. Unfortunately I have to bail as well. To much going on to make it out there after being out of town for a week. Ohhhh the joys of having a girlfriend. I'll make it up there this September when the fatties and getting caught.
  2. Getting out when I can during the work week. Zack I've heard about spinners. I going to give that a shot asap.
  3. Been trolling my butt off from 6-9pm in water from 20-60ft with tail dancers and reef runners. Haven't picked up anything.
  4. Fbg. That was me you saw I think. If you were with dean. We casted our butts off that night.
  5. Trolled the last hour of light into first hour of dark lastnight and didn't get anything......
  6. Same deal on Conesus except no 4lber. Just bait lol
  7. Here a big one I got from the bay a few years ago. Definitely over 15lbs. Very very fat and full of eggs. Great fight.
  8. Didn't get out till 5am. Caught one pike on a tail dancer.
  9. I'm heading out tonight from midnight till sun up. Plan on doing slot of casting.
  10. Finally got out after a couple weeks of working on the boat and a busy schedule. Managed to put the first walleye in the new boat. Trolling a reef runner. Not to big. Probably around 4.5lbs. Felt great to finally get the stink off the boat. The new trolling motor works like a dream. It's do nice to just set it in a direction and forget about it while I set lines and do whatever. New fish finder is going on on Sunday. After that the boats almost complete. Tight lines!
  11. I'm looking but one used. Wondering what you guys think of this unit? Is the side imaging as good as the models that are coming out now? It doesn't have down imaging. Would it be better to buy a new unit that's much smaller but has both DI and SI? I will be primarily using it on the finger lakes for walleye, perch and bass. Occasional trips to Lake Ontario as well for trout and salmon. Any I go helps. Thanks.
  12. When justin wrote that this thread was located in the finger lakes part of the forum.
  13. I'm not sure that there are any localized walleye clubs in the area. I could be wrong tho.
  14. I'm sure there is. I'll pass along any info I can.
  15. The dec is holding a state of the lake meeting in Lima this Monday May 19th on the western finger lakes. Just an FYI in case any of you guys want to go. Should be interesting. Good place to ask questions too. Here the link to there page. Meeting starts at 7 but from 6-7 there will be a meeting on participating in angler diaries. http://www.dec.ny.gov/press/95586.html
  16. Couldn't agree more! Btw to anyone who is interested the dec is going to be doing a state of the lake meeting for the western finger lakes this Monday in Lima. Meeting starts at 7 but at 6 there's going to be a meeting on contributing to angler diaries. Here is the link. http://www.dec.ny.gov/press/95586.html
  17. I'm not trying to be a dick either but show me one lake that has alewife as the primary bait fish where walleyes are naturally reproducing. Then try and find one lake with Alewifes as the primary bait fish that doesn't have a natural bass, pike, sunfish or pickerel population. Also alewife might be low on the food chain. Definitely not bottom of the food chain but still they are open water planktivors. There habitat and the habitat of baby pike, bass, sunfish do not cross.
  18. So why is it bass and pike need zero stocking? They have great reproduction in that lake. You stop stocking walleye and they will be gone in a few years, how many I don't know. Pike and tigers are not effecting the walleye population.
  19. There's a bunch of study's that prove it. It doesn't matter where they spawn....lake or creek it doesn't matter. When a walleye egg hatches it's so small it's a plankton meaning it's at the mercy of the water current. During this time they get eaten by the millions of alewife in the lake. They are such efficient planktivors they effectively eliminate all walleye plankton. Bass, pike, sunfish.....when those species hatch they stay in the shallows and do not drift out to the alewives habitat like the walleyes do making them unavailable for alewife predation. It will not take you long to search thru American fisheries society and find study's that have been published and peer reviewed proving alewife effectively eliminate walleye reproduction. I'm not saying there isn't a bunch of eyes in Conesus but what I am saying is numbers are down. Also what I'm saying is we get half the amount of fish as we used to. Also another thing. During the shocking very few small fish showed up. That's not a good sign. You need year classes coming up to take the place of all the fish being taken out. That's common sense. As for introducing another fish.....that's walking a thin line. Do we really want to take that risk? Conesus is a great pike and bass fishery. I'm not sure I'm willing to potently sacrifice those fisheries by introducing another species even if they can't reproduce. Alewifes in Conesus are here to stay barring some huge environmental change.
  20. There is no walleye reproduction in Conesus lake. I don't know honeoyes stocking schedule but I can see Albany being more willing to give that lake fish because there are more year round walleye fisherman on that lake. It gets used more so they get more fish also there are no alewife in that lake so there is some natural reproduction in honeoye. Albany would rather stock a fishery that can hopefully at some point become a self sustaining fishery. Something that will never happen in Conesus.
  21. Bsmaster.......walleyes life cycle wouldn't allow that. When the egg hatches it's becomes a icthyoplankton (super small baby fish that's at the mercy of water currents). There's no way you could separate them from the alewife. The only way to keep walleye generations going in an alewife filled lake is stocking unfortunately. Justin I think a finger lakes walleye association is a great idea. Look at the pull the Muskie guys have.
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