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  1. I was not with then that day. Had to work...I'll be going out again in a week or two. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. They are doing a population estiment. All the fish they samples (750ish) were tagged with jaw tags. The fish are then released at the boat launch via hatchery truck so they disperse in the lake. They are then going to electro shock the lake with boats before the season starts to try and sample as many walleye as they can. Based on the total amount of walleye they sample in the lake and how many of those are of the 750 that got tagged they can figure out about how many walleye are in the lake. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. I'm looking for the best unit 200$ or under. I was looking at the garmin echo 200 or the lowrance elite 4x hdi. I've never owned my own unit. Any info or opinions are appreciated. Thanks
  4. Did the same yesterday. Ended up with 6 browns and a small coho. Natural colors worked best. Great do to be out there.
  5. Is it possible to hook into a king trolling shallow for browns right now?
  6. Freinds of mine were there yesterday and they said it was dead. Didn't catch a single fish.
  7. To early. Lakes still iced up.
  8. There were some slobs in there a week ago.
  9. Those look really nice and the price is fair. I'm thinking 8ft. Would you recommend the medium lite or the medium. Also what kind if reel do you recommend? What size reel? I have never owned a bait casting reel.
  10. Man there's aloe of info on this thread. I just bought my own boat so I really haven't had much experience when it comes to trolling lead line. I will be mainly fishing for eyes in Conesus and maybe Oneida possibly a trib to erie once in a while. Can you guys help me out in what you would think would be an optimum set up for me to get. Rod......reel.....how many colors should I use. That kind of stuff. I literally have zero experience with lead core. Thanks.
  11. First walleye opener owning my own boat. Can't wait. I'll be on my home water of Conesus. Got a question for you guys. What kind of rods do you guys like for trolling. I want to get a nice reel and rod for trolling. Something I can use with or without planner boards. Something light enough for eyes but could also use for trolling for browns and what not. Thanks!
  12. After being down here the last two days I don't think it's having any impact on the number of guys fishing. If the fishing was better I think it might be a little different. Tight lines!
  13. How far north can you make it by boat right now? Info on both branches would be great. Thanks!!
  14. How's the water look at Naples? Any fish in the creek?
  15. I just bought my first boat and am dieing to get it out.
  16. Is there any perchin to be done down that way right now?
  17. I just don't see why they can't do something like that on the cohocton. Why Naples???
  18. Have a derby on cohocton.....a put and take fishery.
  19. Because Lake Ontario tribs have ANYTHING to do with Naples creek.....come on! Really!
  20. It's another rainbow trout tournament on Naples creek. I'm not about to promote it by giving links to the page. I just think two Derbys on that creek is a little much.
  21. Is it just me or is this completely unneeded. Not to mention it is a multi day derby. A small self sustaining creek does not need two freaking Derbies. All it does is promote keeping everything. I don't have a problem with people keeping a fish....you have that right with a license. I don't know....this just seems to be a bit much IMO.
  22. I've heard conflicting reports. Some people say they caught like 12 others say higher.
  23. I wanted to make it down today but couldn't because of work. How did it go? Any numbers? Any size?
  24. That's Exactly why I want to make the move. I think I'm going to head over there on Friday and find some permission. Where would you advise me to go? Because it's so deep along the whole shoreline does location really matter?
  25. Those are some great fish. I primarily fish keuka for lakers but would like to get on canadaguia this week. When you say deep water how deep are you actually going? Over 200ft?
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