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  1. Is the Mooching reel still for sale looking for something to put copper line on for jigging Lake Trout what's the line capacity of the reel...? I'm looking for something functional but cheap as this may not work out for me, what do you need to get out of the reel..?
  2. Planning a trip to fish the Salmon River looking for places to rent, would like a place close to the river that will accommodate 5 people 2 couples and one 80 year old mother-in-law no kids other then my Mother-in-law.....LOL !!! looking for 2 nights 9/25 ~ 9/27/2015 beds would like 2 queens and one full sized separate bedrooms would be nice, camp or house pet allowed a plus both are small breed dogs vary well behaved older and mellow no mess problems with these animals. But will consider no pet property also. let us know what you have available later dates also considered to mid Oct.
  3. Let the managers know the problem and they can deal with it....as maybe the next insulting text you send Might end up there where's the fishing sport in this BS....! Smart one
  4. Really...!! do you think its the place for fighting over who's getting the most sales..? seems like there's room for everyone to post there stuff. why don't you direct you dislikes about the site to the mediators of the site instead bickering over the public postings the rest of us don't need the Drama Thanks for your consideration of others..
  5. Don't look like she will see the water before an extensive overall look like she sunk at some point, maybe a salvage boat when did that hurricane come through, guess that was after 2003 way more work then I would want to do, Id rather be fishing...LOL
  6. Ok my mistake sorry for that, so your saying the x4D give you temp speed and depth at the ball and at the surface..? If that's the case then bluetooth is the only differance I would still have bought the unit that i purchased if I already owned the X4D would I have upgraded probably not just for the Bluetooth feature Alone. Looking forward to getting it wet next week.
  7. There are two options from They make the X4D (D) for Depth at probe then they make the newer unit which has the bluetooth feature and a few of the new options speed at surface which I guess they did away with on the X4D That feature is back with the Bluetooth model. This is my first one of these units unlike some of you guys Who have been running them for years hope to get out there next week.
  8. Hey Guys I said I just got one from them.....what part of $695 + $20 I just got one don't you understand ....OMG...!!! LOL http://www.waypointent.com/FishHawk_1.html then click our price at that point your on your own buy or not buy Its up to all of u tight lines and happy trails dudes good luck this spring fishing season
  9. Anyone looking for a good price on the X4D / Bluetooth model just got one from these guys $695 plus $20 shipping ordered last Thursday got it Saturday priority mail putting in today Here's link to there site you have to add to cart to see there price http://www.waypointent.com/FishHawk_1.html
  10. Yup that would be nice, they would be gone by now if they were....hey there's got to be some guys like me that winter in the warmer waters....LOL they'll go the right guy hasn't stumbled onto them yet, I should have stayed south longer we got 5" of snow last night, wanted to get back early knowing I had all the new equipment to put in the boat this year before spring fishing starts. anyway got of track thanks for checking it out.
  11. NavChart cards are used for Furuno 1650, 1850, and NavNet v1; Northstar 950 series; and Raymarine RC 420 and 425.
  12. The Charts are all Navionics Classic chip sets Compatible Chartplotters: Furuno, Northstar, and Raymarine
  13. Raytheon Chartplotter RC 425 with antenna and power cable plus 4 charts Cap Cod, Florida, Florida Everglades,Northern California see photo all vary good cond. contact me with question selling because I've upgraded to new Raymarine MFD unit asking $125.00 will ship I also take PayPal payments item ships UPSP Priority Large Flat Rate Box. Buy responsible for shipping coast.
  14. Nice thanks for the info I'm looking to purchase one but I want to be sure it's the newer model I've contacted a few places and they are all on backorder, I guess most everywhere so unless you find dealer with one in stock, ebay has a few listed but choke on the $800 price I can wait till they get more reasonable plus you have to keep in mind if you screw up and loose a probe it's another $300 to replace they are nice but priced way to high. hope you have good spring fishing. can't wait to get out there myself.
  15. Hi Guys Went to Northwood Site and Checked out the Fish Hawk X4D I haven't called for the price yet but the thing I see right away is they have the X4 pictured not the X4D now I would like to have those of you that have actually purchased from them confirm that you did get the X4D Bluetooth and Depth at ball model for the $649 price Regards Steve
  16. The Cannon CannonLink Downrigger Controller Connection Kit enables select Humminbird fish finders to control the operation of up to 6 Cannon Mag 20, DigiTroll 5, or DigiTroll 10 downriggers. CannonLink gives you full control of up/down functionality as well as the ability to adjust PIC, adjust downrigger speed, program the amount of line on the reel for better line count accuracy, cycle the downrigger between different depths at specified intervals, bottom track, and even display readings from your IntelliTroll Speed N Temp sensor directly on your Humminbird screen. Asking $150.00 firm no longer available from manufacture grab this one while you can first one with the cash gets it. I purchased this back when I bought my Digi-Troll 4's thinking it would work for them I was wrong different pin configuration all together so I never ended up using it I did install in the boat and connected it to 798 fish finder before I realized it wasn't going to work for me and that's as much use as it got. if interested drop me a note. thanks
  17. Hello I have one for sale installed in boat but never used I also have Hummingbird 798 SI HD combo GPS and Fish finder all in great condition, let me know if interested I purchased the Cannon link because I listened to someone who was misinformed and was told that the cannon link would work on my Digtrol IV will it won't but I never bothered to remove it it's been in the boat for one season the Humminbird 798 for 3 seasons they both are perfect condition.
  18. Hi Longbow Thanks for the input, I have another question when connecting you GPS did you need to Purchase a special cable for that, I have a Hummingbird 798 with GPS and was wondering What it was going to take to connect to the Autopilot. Smitty Gone Fishing
  19. Hi Guys Looking for some input on the Ray Marine EV- 100 T70154 Autopilot looking to equip my Key West 2020 with a Autopilot and this unit seems to fit the bill any input on these units would be appreciated Gone Fishing
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