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  1. tmartin

    First Copper Rod???'s

    S Sent from my SM-G955U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. This is correct. The battery trays work but I personally prefer the enclosed boxes. Also don't forget part of the safety aspect is the battery boxes must be attached. Which I've seen plenty of people over look.Arcing can also occur on a loose connection as well. This should never be overlooked and the connections should be checked and cleaned routinely. I check over mine at least once a month. Nothing is worse than getting to the dock and having a dead battery or bad connection that the engine wont start. When a little preventive maintaince could prevent it. Sent from my DROIDX using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. I agree it would be a good thing for the younger, inexperienced boaters. It may help some but unfortunately a few will never be helped. In pa you have to take a safety course as well which I have done. I did learn a few interesting things I didn't know prior. The way it is in pa is if you were born before january 1, 1982 you are exempt for taking it unless using pwc. My thoughts for the charter captains is no matter what age once the have obtained their captains license they should also be exepmt. It is a money making scheme I'm sure but it may or may not help prevent some accidents out on the water. I have seen alot of people out there, at the dock, or even trailering and thought what the hell are they thinking. Just my $.02 Sent from my DROIDX using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Burned up two rectifiers on my merc 150 this year because of a loose battery connection. The marina I deal with recommended I use stainless nylon lock nuts to prevent then loosening up under vibration. Also to coat everything with die electric grease to help prevent any arcing or corrosion issues. Couple bucks for lock nuts is definitely cheaper than replacing a rectifier or worse. I highly recommend doing this. Sent from my DROIDX using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Talked to a guy at Mexico launch Sunday looking for a black bag. I believe he said there was a camera in it. He had signs at the Mexico launch with a phone number and was also offering a reward. Don't have the number on me unfortunately. Sent from my DROIDX using Lake Ontario United mobile app