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  1. I’m selling my deep RR lot. All lures are in great condition. Several have never seen the water. I’m currently keeping the lot together. $325 plus shipping. I’m located in Pittsburgh. SOLD payment pending thanks Dave [email protected]
  2. Thank you! I make one trip to the O a year. We do so so. I always struggle with what speeds to run my programs at. Or blended programs like F/F & spoons. Typically when we run a spoon program on erie for eyes or lakers it's a lot faster like mid 2's. I'm pretty confident there just because we fish it so often. When I head to the O, Im out of my comfort zone. I guess it comes down to repetition. Thanks
  3. That's some good fishing! Nice pics too! What kind of down speed are your running if you don't mind me asking? Are you running the paddles & flies the same speed as the spoons? Thanks
  4. We were in 480ish yesterday. We got 4 juvenile kings and 4 or 5 shakers. Riggers down 60 got 2 or 3 of the juvenils. The other was on a on a 6 color with a orange stick bait. Late morning we fished 100 and pulled a nice laker off the bottom on a spoon and more shakers. Heading offshore around 3:00 pm
  5. Nice fishing. We're you able to run the cow bells, FF and spoons at the same speed? What was a good speed with the cow bells? Thanks
  6. WE GOT PAID...... Once again, didn't mean any harm. I was just asking why it takes 5 weeks to get paid when the payout is supposed to be the following Tuesday. Its all good.
  7. We were told by the horses mouth on friday August 2 that the check would be sent on Monday August 5th. Our address was taken. It is now August 14. Still no check for all you people telling me give him a chance. There must of been some confusion. Blaw blaw blaw........
  8. Gill-T Its a weekly derby. I was told that the derby ends weekly at 4:00 pm. Its pays out on Tuesdays. This came from the horses mouth. There were no construction style payment terms mentioned. Contestants put money in the pot for the week and its over on Sundays. Whats in the pot is split 50/50 salmon & trout. Not sure why we would need to borrow from the weeks to follow. I saw my money go into a specific pot for the weekly.
  9. Guys, I am not bashing anyone. Yes I have just joined this site to post this question. I only stated the true facts. I am in good standing on the lake erie sites that I belong too. I always maintain positive thread replys. I never bash. I have almost 1000 posts between them. You can google "eyedreamn" if you like. Bashing is not my style. I like to be involved in informative discussions. Having said that, I have had almost a half dozen calls into the bait store with replys saying I will be called back the next day. Which, I NEVER received.... I really don't care about the lousy money. I never said it was a "big" jackpot. Yes really I don't care. I was told it pays out the Tuesday after the weeks end. We are 3 Tuesdays past that. I wasnt told it is takes 2 months for the payout. I am relaxed. If I was told it was a 2 month payout so be it.... This was just a gerenal inquiry about how these payouts were going. If I don't get a strait answer from the person running the derby, who else was I to ask. Yes this is why I decided to join lake ontario untied. I only fish there 1 time a year. I do not know anyone from lake o. You guys have an amazing fishery. My crew and I showed nothing but respect good manors to all in the olcott area.
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