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  1. I’m selling my deep RR lot. All lures are in great condition. Several have never seen the water. I’m currently keeping the lot together. $325 plus shipping. I’m located in Pittsburgh. SOLD payment pending thanks Dave [email protected]
  2. Thank you! I make one trip to the O a year. We do so so. I always struggle with what speeds to run my programs at. Or blended programs like F/F & spoons. Typically when we run a spoon program on erie for eyes or lakers it's a lot faster like mid 2's. I'm pretty confident there just because we fish it so often. When I head to the O, Im out of my comfort zone. I guess it comes down to repetition. Thanks
  3. That's some good fishing! Nice pics too! What kind of down speed are your running if you don't mind me asking? Are you running the paddles & flies the same speed as the spoons? Thanks
  4. We were in 480ish yesterday. We got 4 juvenile kings and 4 or 5 shakers. Riggers down 60 got 2 or 3 of the juvenils. The other was on a on a 6 color with a orange stick bait. Late morning we fished 100 and pulled a nice laker off the bottom on a spoon and more shakers. Heading offshore around 3:00 pm
  5. Nice fishing. We're you able to run the cow bells, FF and spoons at the same speed? What was a good speed with the cow bells? Thanks
  6. WE GOT PAID...... Once again, didn't mean any harm. I was just asking why it takes 5 weeks to get paid when the payout is supposed to be the following Tuesday. Its all good.
  7. We were told by the horses mouth on friday August 2 that the check would be sent on Monday August 5th. Our address was taken. It is now August 14. Still no check for all you people telling me give him a chance. There must of been some confusion. Blaw blaw blaw........
  8. Gill-T Its a weekly derby. I was told that the derby ends weekly at 4:00 pm. Its pays out on Tuesdays. This came from the horses mouth. There were no construction style payment terms mentioned. Contestants put money in the pot for the week and its over on Sundays. Whats in the pot is split 50/50 salmon & trout. Not sure why we would need to borrow from the weeks to follow. I saw my money go into a specific pot for the weekly.
  9. Guys, I am not bashing anyone. Yes I have just joined this site to post this question. I only stated the true facts. I am in good standing on the lake erie sites that I belong too. I always maintain positive thread replys. I never bash. I have almost 1000 posts between them. You can google "eyedreamn" if you like. Bashing is not my style. I like to be involved in informative discussions. Having said that, I have had almost a half dozen calls into the bait store with replys saying I will be called back the next day. Which, I NEVER received.... I really don't care about the lousy money. I never said it was a "big" jackpot. Yes really I don't care. I was told it pays out the Tuesday after the weeks end. We are 3 Tuesdays past that. I wasnt told it is takes 2 months for the payout. I am relaxed. If I was told it was a 2 month payout so be it.... This was just a gerenal inquiry about how these payouts were going. If I don't get a strait answer from the person running the derby, who else was I to ask. Yes this is why I decided to join lake ontario untied. I only fish there 1 time a year. I do not know anyone from lake o. You guys have an amazing fishery. My crew and I showed nothing but respect good manors to all in the olcott area.
  10. I never got a call back after 6 calls. Im over it. So my fishing partner called today. Jeremy was told the check will be in the mail on monday. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. Agreed he always been good to me too. He would set me up with the lures and areas that were working. Im not sure what happened. I called at least 6 times. Then I gave up..
  12. The crazy part is we spent over 600 bucks in his store. A 500 copper, spin doctors, flies, terminal tackle, and 3 licenses.
  13. So we bought into the weekly boat derby for the week ending july 14 at the slippery sinker on july 11. Wes told me that it ends on sunday july 14 and payout would be tuesday july 16. Well sure enough we weighted a 26.06 that was good enough to take first place. Wes told me so. Sunday after the tourney was closed I called and asked if our fish was still in 1st. Wes told me he would call me monday to confirm after he collected the rest of the entries from boat doctors (which is one block away) I never heard from wes on monday. So I called tuesday. He said he had some troubles and would call me later in the day to confirm and get my address. I never got a call back. Wednesday I called the boat doctors to ask if a big fish was paid out. The woman on the phone said yes. It was a 26.06 weighted at the slippery sinker. Thursday I called wes and he said he had more troubles and he would call me tomorrow. Well I called one more time the following week and he said we had the winning fish and he would call me back for my address. He never called... So the pot was only a few bucks but, anybody know whats the deal?
  14. Thanks Rusty! Them fishmasters are some sweet rigs. We have been blessed with some killer fishing the last few years. Lake erie walleye, eastern lake erie lake trout and lake ontario trout and salmon have been very good to us.. The swim ladder was factory. We dont swim much, but in the event of a man over board it helps to get back in. The dual axle trailer is where its at. The single wasnt getting it done. I have this thing rigged to the max and the single was doing the job. With the dual axle I dont even know its back there once we get on the road. good fishing!
  15. This kills me to do this......my son is now 7 months old and its very difficult on the family with me being away playing angling the great lakes 3 to 4 times a month. I also have some things I would like to accomplish in the next few years. Its tough with this fishing machine sitting outside and not heading up to the pond as often as I like. This is why I'm selling it. Its in great shape and has a tight hall. This is NOT a tournament boat. I have taken alot of pride in taking care of it and maintaining it. The rigging has been done by myself. I am an electrician by trade and have installed all of my equipment to the highest level. I have customized it beyond any other fishmaster I have seen.2011 fishmaster 196. The hall is without leaks and has 7 more years of warranty.2012 trailmaster dual axle trailer. You will get a single axle with a new boat package. I bought the dual axle for better trailering. It pulls great. The single axle just isn't big enough for her. 2011 mercury 150 pro xs. The motor is strong and fast. It has 2 1/2 years of warranty remaining. This is a 40 mph boat that is very fuel friendly.2012 Yamaha t9.9 extra long shaft. It has 1 1/2 years of warranty remaining. I have a Garmin tr-1 gold auto pilot running the yami. Its awesome hands free trolling. The Garmin auto pilot has a throttle control as well for finite speed control.2011 Minn Kota terrova I-pilot, 36 volt,100 lb thrust, with a 60" shaft bow mounted trolling motor. It comes with a foot peddle and a wireless remote remote. I have built a custom battery box under the helm for the three large sears platinum batteries. This matching custom box also acts as a storage compartment for the rod holders and inline planner boards.The boat has 2 large sears house batteries and 3 large sears batteries for the trolling motor. I believe there is still a year of warranty left for all 5.2011 hds-8. It has lots of secret points stored in it too. Lol!8 new cannon dual axle rod holders, 1 berts net holder, and 8' of berts track per side. 14 rod custom bow mounted rocket launcher for rod storage while running.1 large telescopic net.2 electric Big John down riggers on berts track swival bases with 12 lb balls, blacks releases, ball storage cups.2012 Fish Hawk x4 speed and temp sensor for the down riggers.2011 Big John electric telescopic planer board mast and triple collapsible big boards. The switches for the reels have been installed at the helm. 30 mono releases and 30 braid releases.I have installed custom l.e.d. lights under the gunnels for those early and late days on the water. The boat has a folding top with a front window and side curtains. There is also a walk through boot to break the wind on cold days. I have a bow cover too in the event of very rough seas or rain.I have also bought a custom trailering cover. This cover goes over the terrova and the bow. The factory cover does not and stops short of the bow.The purchase will also include all docking items, life jackets and a throw.If your in the market for a great lakes fishing machine, look no further. This baby is fully rigged and ready to fish. This boat will be ready to show the first week of august. As of now, its undergoing routine maintenance at the merc dealer. I have 1 more trip planned for the boat and then she is going to get a complete detail before I show her. I will answer any questions until then. Please feel free to contact me. [email protected] (412) 480-7744I have well over 50,000 into this boat. I'm asking 36,000. I will entertain all reasonable offers. If you looking for the boat and motors without the gear, we can work something out. video of my boat can be see on ohiogamefishing.com out of state reports page. Under olcott report. I live in Pittsburgh PA. thanks Dave
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