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  1. Would like fishing techniques for perch and trout trolling on canandaigua lake
  2. Recently retired Looking for trolling technique and fishing rigs, for canandaigua lake
  3. They call me "scroob" not scrooby Scrooby is my actual last name
  4. My name scrooby I recently retired, and want to start trolling when able and perch fishing when able and canandaigua lake, would like to know some of the newest and best techniques for each
  5. Still have rod holder's if so where in palmyra ?
  6. Do you have his ph. No. Or e mail
  7. Looking for 2 carbs or rebuild kits for a 88-89 125 hp outboard Call tom @ 585-750-8748
  8. Is boat still for sale & does it have electric brakes or just emerg.
  9. Wheres the boat & have pics Call tom 585-750-8748
  10. Do you still have to be a resident to launch there & is there any better parking have not been there in 20 yrs btw how close can u get to power plant scroob
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