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  1. Installing nautolex vinyl flooring, I'm just doing the bottom because of the cost, it would run me at least $700.00 in a 2part epoxy. Doing the entire boat, cabin , deck, seat boxes.
  2. No, I think u have just a charger to keep your batteries charged when your off the lake. An ACR will monitor the batteries while under way. Check Blue Seas system ACR Kit, it will tell u a lot about it
  4. Ok guys l am redoing the floor in my aluminum boat. I bought a bunch of CCA treated wood for the flooring. The floor has already been cut, besides this CCA wood cost me a good buck. I no not to use ACQ TREATED WOOD. Is it ok to use the CCA PLYWOOD for the flooring, l'm also going to coat the bottom of the wood in the west expos system. Thanks
  5. That explains the pitting in the bottom on the hull
  6. One more question, I'll be redoing the floor in this boat, when I pulled the old flooring out it was marine grade pressure treated plywood, so I went and bought about 700$ in flooring. Just wondering it the wood will react with the aluminum hull, and should I seal the bottom of the plywood in the west system if it will, Thanks
  7. So here is what is going on, I'm in the process of completely restoring this boat, it's make is a 24.5 foot saber edition with a outboard motor. To this point l have completely rebuilt the transom, tore all the floor boards out, and removed all of the water logged float ion foam. After the foam was removed found some minor pitting in the hull, not to bad no holes thru the hull. I then sand blasted the whole bottom of the inside of the hull, then sprayed inter protect 2000e inside the whole hull. What I would like to now is if the flotation foam needs to be replaced in the hull. I contacted this company out of San Diego called aero marine, she informed me that they sell a 100% closed cell foam product at 2% density, I bought a 2.5 gallon kit for 245.00$, has anybody gone thru this process.
  8. Do u ship or pick up only Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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