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  1. carston55

    for sale: can Boat 4sale

    also interested in interior pics, fishing deck layout, does it come with trailer? HOW has no one scooped this up yet
  2. Are these coats different then Interlux antifouling? Should be like $80/can and do yourself in an afternoon
  3. Hey gang, new boat came with this unit. I've run through the standard setup procedure many times now, and adjusted the slow/fast control settings etc. My problem is it always wanders and won't correct for wind and waves... I'm curious if its possible to hook up to lowrance fishfinder/gps LCX 112 ? Could the boat bouncing effect the reading it is receiving from the magnetic compass ? Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks Rolling, Isn't there an ACR component to my triple bank ProSport Onboard charger? OR do you have both?
  5. Yankee Troller, Just to clarify... my boat is ALWAYS plugged into shore power. My bilges are all auto floats, ALL electronics including FF get turned off and covered via switch panel after every outing. The kicker is only connected to ONE battery, and I am curious if I should move it to starting battery along with FF or is the amperage will cause dirty power or inconsistencies while FF is on at same time. I can leave kicker connected to a deep cycle to ensure navigation lights always have power, same with bilge etc etc for those really long days that turn into nightfishing.
  6. Does everyone see 14V at their head unit? I've never seen this on any of my boats, with brand new batteries, and whole charged batteries are plugged in.
  7. Thanks for the feedback guys. EVERYTHING will always have inline fuses. Most electronics on the boat have 2or3 fuses between the battery and the device. However, guys who sell Lowrance products have all told me to wire directly to starter battery with 1 inline fuse. Does anyone have experience with kicker alternator being connected to starting battery and main engine? Does anyone know how to test a kicker alternator output or know what the amps/V should be?
  8. Hey guys, got a new to me 24ft boat with ALL the goodies and toys. I'm having trouble with dirty power I think. My Lowrance LCX112c cuts out the transducer signal when voltage goes below 12.5V (usually 25min runtime) These units should run from 11.9V-12.3V ideally, right? The unit still has a bright screen and perfect gps/mapping function, but the fish finder mode just goes completely white and says 60ft as a default and doesn't change. The first photo is how the boat is rigged right now, the 2nd photo is how I plan to change it based on advice from guys who have their fish finder hooked directly to their starting battery. There is also 2 bus bars and battery switch (1,2,1+2,0) somewhere after the deep cycles, but can't remember exactly how (boat is in storage) Any experience/advice would be greatly appreciated... it's great having all the toys but when you have no fish finder...makes the boat pointless haha
  9. TTT, please help by selling me your wire rods!!
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