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  1. Ready or Knot

    Choosing a king rigger rod

    Buy and use what you feel comfortable with. Over the years i have had Eagle Claws , Shimanos , Diawas , Etc... And yes i now use Cabelas rods and have had 0 issues with them. Had way more problems with Shimanos that were pricey ( reel seats coming loose from blanks) . I dont know of a fish yet that has come over the rail of any boat on the water that knew if he was caught on a 30 dollar rod or a 100 dollar one. I think all will agree that its about how the fish is fought and mostly how they get hooked up . When they have a treble buried in there face i feel that we all loose very few of these. The ones that get off are generally not hooked up good to begin with. I also agree with the others that stated short rods are much easier for women and kids to handle so keep that in mind also. May we all have a hot bite and bent rods !👍☺
  2. Ready or Knot

    Vhf antenna

    Its all about the antenna and its height above the water. You get what you pay for. Radios are all the same except for the bells n whistles. 25 w on high 1 w on low. You will get better radio performance with a better antenna limited by its height. Think of a sailboat with it on mast 👍
  3. Ready or Knot

    Hydraulic steering

    I will be switching my rig to hydraulic steering as soon as this snow leaves us for the year. Was also looking at the ev150 until i did some looking at the furuno navpilot 300. The point and shoot remote looks like it would be the cats a$$. Price is near the same and has a rebate until may. Anyone have any feedback on these ? Thx
  4. Ready or Knot

    Feedback on fishfinders

    Have birds on one boat. Lowrance on other. Like the bird better.
  5. Ready or Knot


    As i read this i gather that these must have been a head type charter and not the UPV type that most here are ? Anybody have more information on this ?
  6. Ready or Knot

    Dating line

    The most important thing is how it has been stored. Heat and light are lines biggest enemies. I have bulk spools that are years old and as good as the day i got them. They stay in freezer except when filling reels. Keeps till gone
  7. Just curious. What are you going to ? Thinking of doing same with mine Thx
  8. Ready or Knot

    yearly check on mercruiser alpha one drive

    Ask yourself this. Do i want to be safe or sorry ? If they are getting stiff its a sign of deterioration. 9 years. Its time to change them. Its not worth the tragedy that could happen. IMO
  9. Ready or Knot

    Rubber Bands and In-Line Planer Boards

    Guess i didnt get what you were asking.
  10. Ready or Knot

    Rubber Bands and In-Line Planer Boards

    I believe what he is saying is the same as i run copper setups. The weighted steel or copper is put on in specific lengths 300 , 400 , etc.generally with braid backer. All of the wire is let out and board is then clipped to the backing line. I run the mag size inlines set up to trip. Sams pro release on the front and pad with the pin on the back. The Sams release holds up well to the braid and wont slip its also very adjustable. Works well for kings or eyes on erie. Hope this helps 👍
  11. Ready or Knot


    Dennis May know where there is one on my old boat. I know the guy doesn't use it. Whats it worth ? May i ask why you would want one of these ? I found it to work well at speed but poorly at trolling speeds. I was told that this was normal with these ?
  12. Ready or Knot

    Switching to all copper bullets

    In the 7mm i use 160 gr with reloader 25. I'm going from memory here as I'm not looking at my notes on this. In the area of 62 - 63 gr ( check latest manual). Free jump is near .060 from rifling. This is sub moa in 3 different rifles. All are m77s of different vintages. Multiple elk and deer have been takin with this out to 400 plus yds. 338 rum : 210 gr tsx with reloader 22 or 25. Fed mag match primers with both calibers. Have found in 338 that 100 yd groups dont always tell the truth. Sub 3 inches at 500 yds but 1 inch plus at 100 ?? Good luck !👍
  13. Ready or Knot

    Switching to all copper bullets

    Have used lots of barnes tsx out of 7mm mag and 338 rum on elk. Excellent performance on game. Reloaders beware of seating close to rifling with solids. This can cause dangerous pressures. They like to have some jump space. Fwit. Be safe !
  14. Ready or Knot

    Sold / Closed Evil Eye spoons

    Dave Haven't seen invoice. Call me 716 569 6779