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  1. 2450 lund genmar. Merc alpha w hyd steering. Furuno nav pilot 300. Works great on anything you want to fish on. Remote is priceless. More functions then you can use
  2. Just put in a Furuno navpilot 300. Works great !
  3. Being in the same situation i also did alot of checking around. Octopus does make a mechanical drive but it is for rotary steering not rack and pinion. The general consensus i have found is that hydraulic systems are the better way to go. They are for sure not cheap. You will have 1000 in the helm , hoses and cylinder. Then 2000 or more in the pilot and pump. This will go up if you need to have a Nema 2k to hook up to other units such as gps, radio etc... I personally chose to go with a Furuno navpilot 300 for its point and shoot remote. For sure they cost alot but it will be the best money you ever spent to make life easier on the water this is especially true if you fish alone or with people who cant steer a boat on choppy days. Best of luck to you in your seach. Tight lines and hot drags ☺
  4. I think that smile says it all. Great to see kids out !👍👍
  5. 2x. On not netting fish and bringing into boat. I have for sure seen less issues with fish that are released at boatside.
  6. Wicked I have a brand new jasper reman sitting on skid. New manifolds Rebuilt starter and alternator New reman carb New drive coupling etc..... 205hp lx If interested shoot me a txt 716 708 8649
  7. Interested in some paddles if any left. Shoot me a txt. 716 708 8649. Thx
  8. No wonder you are in the doghouse and he is on the couch ! Lmao. Sorry but had to throw it out there. 😀
  9. Yes. Thanks to all for the imput on this. None of us are out to kill fish just as an incidental catch. We want them all to survive when released to catch again this week or next.
  10. Gambler When you say burping are you talking about sticking them with a needle to fizz off the pressure in bladder from barotrauma ? Have you ever tried putting them back down to depth on rigger with a release clip and so you feel that this would help them? Thx
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