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  1. Ready or Knot

    Cannon Mag 10HS troubleshooting

    Put power to unit with motor unhooked and test voltage coming out of board. Also check from motor leads to motor housing to see if you have an internal short. You should have resistance through the motor. 0 is open 1 is closed on meter. Hope this helps. Test other rigger to compare . Good luck
  2. Ready or Knot

    New Salmon net

    Call Cummings net company. Will custom make whatever you want. Fiberglass or aluminum handles. Solid hoops and any size or type of basket. Price is fair. Nearly indestructible. Fiberglass handles up to 16 ft if needed
  3. Ready or Knot

    Cannon Mag 10HS troubleshooting

    If you have a 0 ohm reading this shows it to be an open circuit. Possibly a brush issue or the windings are bad
  4. Ready or Knot

    Stickbaits for Kings

    The biggest king ever caught on my boat was a 40 + lber in mid july many years ago on a pearl white long A 😁
  5. Ready or Knot

    Wanted Islander

    My buddy saws there is a 22 ft on facebook. Think it was 6000 ?
  6. Call directly to cummings net company. They will custom build what you want. Glass handles up to 16 ft. Solid hoops and any type or depth basket you want . got 2 fom them early this year with 10 ft glass handles and solid hoops after breakin others. They are tanks and price is reasonable 0
  7. Ready or Knot

    Iso. 4.3 mercruiser complete with manifilds

    You wont insult me . i know what i have in it 2800 for long block with 0 hrs. 400 for carb. 150 in starter and alternator. 200 for new drive coupling. 300 in manifolds.150 in fuel pump . 40 in water pump. Etc.... Going rate for a used drop in engine is 2500 plus depending on the hrs on it.
  8. Ready or Knot

    Iso. 4.3 mercruiser complete with manifilds

    Also has new water pump and drive coupling. Make me an offer. I want it gone. Need the space
  9. Ready or Knot

    Iso. 4.3 mercruiser complete with manifilds

    Need 3000. Have way more then that in it. Bought a new one from mercruiser is reason its for sale
  10. Ready or Knot

    Iso. 4.3 mercruiser complete with manifilds

    I have brand new jasper reman sitting on skid. Will ne assembled soon. Starter and alternator just gone through. New fuel pump and carburetor. This is a 205 hp lx motor complete with newer manifolds
  11. Ready or Knot

    Sam's Pro Releases

    I use that exact set up. Works great for me. Braid backing makes them easy to trip due to lack of stretch. I run 50 lb power pro
  12. Is there a way to get the lat/lon lines up on the chart page? Do you have to have a map chip to get this ? New to the helix unit and would like to have these reference lines like my lowrance unit. Thx .
  13. Ready or Knot

    for sale : usa Down Riggers

    Send me a txt 716 708 8649.
  14. What unit is this for ? May have one
  15. Ready or Knot

    Olcott 28th am

    Fished 26th 27th. Bite was good early but shutdown by noon. 180 to 300 fow. 20 to 50 down. All spoons
  16. Ready or Knot

    To All Veterans & Active Duty Military

    I too would be more then willing to donate a day to these men. Capt. Marshall Stearns
  17. I know this isnt the right section but got no response from boat page. Does anybody have any feedback on units like the sitex 760 or furuno1623 . Want to have stand alone unit without breaking the bank. Thx guys !
  18. Ready or Knot


    Does anybody have any experience with these lower priced units like the Si-Tex 760 or Furuno 1715 ? Want to have radar without having a mortgage .
  19. Ready or Knot

    4.3 Mercruiser Overheating

    Is it for sure overheating ? Had a flickering gauge issue on my last boat. Was a wiring / sending unit issue
  20. Ready or Knot

    Dark plugs

    Black or dark colored plugs is a sign of a rich fuel condition generally a carburetor issue. Check to be sure that choke is opening all the way. Check pcv valves , vacuum pull off etc. If it is an engine issue the plugs will generally be oilly on the effected cylinders
  21. Ready or Knot

    Summer Lake Trout Trip

    Can't beat the Barcelona area that time of year. Have had many days of double digit hookups. Try the ledge off the back off Brockton shoals
  22. Ready or Knot

    Islander Transom

    Just to give you a bit of insight on this. The only difference in marine plywood is that is void free and sometimes has a few more plies increasing its strength. Sheeting grade can be used but be picky when buying it. Glue generously and clamp or weight to laminate the sheets together. Cut all profiles as needed . job is not super tough but takes time. Put at least 2 coats of epoxy over it to seal up. Caulk all drill holes well. We have done a couple of these on I/Os. Your outboard will be easier. Best of luck to you
  23. Maybe interested. Where are you located ?