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  1. Just had some cv30s serviced and drags upgraded. The factory drags were indeed carbon drags. Was informed that the biggest issue with these reels is the lack of a quality drag grease such as Cals not the drag washers themselves.FWIW. like night and day difference !
  2. I know this isnt the exact boat you are looking for but a friend of mine has a 280 fisherman for sale. New 454 engine and transom and stringers were done recently. Price is right and is in decent condition.
  3. Shawn Bartnett. Bartnett marine services Does a very good job
  4. Manns stretch 25. Rainbow. Great lake erie walleye bait back in the old days. Have several of them.
  5. Take a real good look at the tips of the fuel inlet needles and if they show grooving they should be replaced. This may also be causing your leak. Good luck to ya !
  6. Went through this a year or so ago. If you want a pilot that really works well make the switch to hydraulic steering. It will be about 1000 to do this and 2000 or so for the pilot unit depending on what you get brand wise. Had 3500 in mine. Imo i dont see where you will save alot going the kicker route by the time you get pilot unit kicker bracket etc... Only to find out that it wont perform that well when its rough. For what its worth. Good luck to you
  7. You will need the magnum size inlines to run long coppers like a 400. Swap out front release to a Sams pro set up to trip as it is no fun when a big king takes the board under 😬😬 . My 2 cents
  8. You can also call Cummings directly. They will make anything you want as far as hoop size and net depth. Handles are available up to 16 ft believe it or not. Got 2 from them a few years ago. Price was right and nearly indestructible
  9. Anyone have a or multiple machine shops they would recommend? I want to get my block and crank checked and machined? what motor do you have ?
  10. Shawn Bartnett. Bartnett marine services 585 624 1380. Did a boat for me last fall. Very thorough
  11. Buddy has a 27 tiara for sale if that would work ?
  12. I have replaced a couple of transoms in aluminum boats and the ones we did were just through bolted to stringers and supporting structures. I know nothing about the material you are talking about but make damn sure that it is ok to use against bare aluminum and will not corrode it. Dont be afraid to use plywood again , after all it has lasted over 20 yrs. This is not a small job but is quite doable. The floor in my experience is harder as most go under sides and fasteners can be hard to get to. Good time to replace all fuel lines and vents also. Good luck. These are great boats that a guy can pull and trailer around !
  13. I had 2 surveys done last year on 2 different boats buy 2 different surveyors. It was very eye opening. I can tell you that if i was buying a boat that Shawn Bartnett is the guy that i would suggest.He was very thorough and knowledgeable.I wont say who other guy was . Bartnett Marine Services 585 624 1380. Maybe someone else can chime in on his work ?
  14. Thats a pretty open ended question. Alot depends on your personal application of it. Just open water trolling , inland lake , etc.... ?
  15. Toothpick s are the way to go. Crimps are to easy to make weak spots in leaders
  16. 2450 lund genmar. Merc alpha w hyd steering. Furuno nav pilot 300. Works great on anything you want to fish on. Remote is priceless. More functions then you can use
  17. Sent you a txt. Would like some more information On it
  18. Just put in a Furuno navpilot 300. Works great !
  19. Has it had a recent survey ? Trailer ?
  20. Being in the same situation i also did alot of checking around. Octopus does make a mechanical drive but it is for rotary steering not rack and pinion. The general consensus i have found is that hydraulic systems are the better way to go. They are for sure not cheap. You will have 1000 in the helm , hoses and cylinder. Then 2000 or more in the pilot and pump. This will go up if you need to have a Nema 2k to hook up to other units such as gps, radio etc... I personally chose to go with a Furuno navpilot 300 for its point and shoot remote. For sure they cost alot but it will be the best money you ever spent to make life easier on the water this is especially true if you fish alone or with people who cant steer a boat on choppy days. Best of luck to you in your seach. Tight lines and hot drags ☺
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