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  1. birdcrzy

    walleye flesh looks wrong

    We know that now but at the time. I think the coon got it.
  2. birdcrzy

    walleye flesh looks wrong

    I have gotten a few like that from Erie. I was told by dnr that not all females spawn and this is the way it looks as the body consume the eggs.
  3. birdcrzy

    Wanted 18-21 foot aluminum boat

    I have a 2001 Lund Fisherman 115 Yamaha and 9.9 kicker. Humminbird 898 and 1199, 36v terrova w/link. Much more. 20k. See Pittsburg Craigslist
  4. birdcrzy

    Rabbit hunting

    I recently spent a day in Maine with a pair of nice beagles. Found out Maine beagles chase deer just like Ohio beagles. A bored beagle is bad beagle! We did end up with a great hare chase.