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  1. I belive u have a 72 125 johnson wirh the power that i no it works looking for 200 for everything motor ran when i took it off a year ago.
  2. There should be a lot more lake fishing left as of last weekend there were not that many fish in river.i did real well in 70 flow.
  3. Give me a text i can take one later cant figur out how to do it on here.570-241-4892.
  4. I have a 74 125 Johnson it ran a year ago when i puled it off the boat looking to get $200
  5. 2 proofs electric 2"booms no bases seen to work ok $100.for both.
  6. Have one old mag 10 an a lake system keyboards are going bad bough have 5" booms an dual rod holders.al so have a mag 10 for parts with 4" boom.an one swivel base.for each.$125:obo.will be in mexico area this weekend.
  7. Its around a 75 but not sure its does have power trim it came off a old 18ft boat.
  8. Older johnson ob 125hp ran a year ago when i pulled of the boat electric shift an control box.asking $200.or obo will traid for a copper rod an reel.
  9. Name is joe the unit was used verry little.good luck.
  10. My frend frank has one uses one time off 16ft deep v i think its what ure looking for give him a call 570-280-9512.
  11. Adk-1 can u tell me what pich the 4 blade is.did it change ur rpm at trolling speed thank joe.
  12. Going to try a 15 to c how much it will make a difference. Or move to a 4 blade just dont know what pitch that will be .hope the ice leaves soo.
  13. Prop pitch on a 221-v islander hard top with the v6
  14. My friend has one an i have a 22ft his is deeper an longer he like it so far i havent fished out of it yet.
  15. Trailer needs to be leavel with the truck if to high or low it will sway
  16. I have an 89 try draining it first and flushing it out its a lot of work pulling it out used a screen and a clear jug to see if there water in it to good luck joe
  17. I seen a guy used a trotted off a lawn mower from the helm it work real good
  18. Was out of Oswego on slow there got two lakers in 150 to 200 went out to 625 not much to look at went out of Mexico on sunday pick up two browns in 40flow off the by ten. Water cold for this time time of year still nice to be out
  19. I have the same year boat with hard top will be in the Mexico area next weekend. If your in the area give a shout u can look at mine
  20. Look through the listing on this site there's ben a few there was a nice 20ft a few week's ago like $2000 perfit starter boat good luck
  21. If your boat is in the 80s it needs to be replace it going to get harder an harder intall it snaps i lost myen 9miles out thank god i have a kicker
  22. Its ben slow few hear few there fishing way better to the west
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