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  1. Thanks misdemeanor...they must apparently have more bunnies than around here...Wayne county. Thanks.
  2. Wow! May I ask what county in NY? Hsvent had a beagle/rabbit dog in years...memorable times. Great job guys!
  3. Wow! May I ask what county in NY? Hsvent had a beagle/rabbit dog in years...memorable times. Great job guys!
  4. I love squirrel hunting and usually can't wait for deer season to end!
  5. That's awesome young fella....great to see parents showing the skills of squirrel hunting to our younsters...memories that last a lifetime....I'm 72 and still love squirrel hunting (and eating)
  6. Couple of squirrels then a nice "surf and turf" meal! Squirrel dumplings/gravy and perch.
  7. Not much sense in fishing...on your boat....I catch a lot of fish....I put back a lot of fish too....usually the bigger ones from bluegills to northern pike but if anyone on my boat wants to keep their catch....its up to THEM....whether for a mount or to eat....my 2 cents.
  8. Thanks for the info....tight lines and enjoy the rest of the season. John
  9. Cool...that's what I normally fish for (pa fish) but fish Oneida for walleye occasionally. Have never fished otisco on soft water only iced fished it. Are the walleye hard to find on otisco? and do you jigor troll?....I may try it one day. John
  10. Mrsbass..don't be bothered by the negative comments...as some have said you did nothing wrong...the put a "keeper size limit" on fish to KEEP. Besides they are a hybrid so they are not going to reproduce....they are a put and keep fish....having said that I don't have a problem with catch and release either. Most of these negative nancies are trophy only deer hunters and complain when someone shoots a small 6 point buck...congrats to an awesome grandmother fisher person...I'd loce to be in the same boat!
  11. Would take lot #4 for $10...how do you want payment?
  12. todd, you probably would be better of with some of the other offers as mine wouldn't compare or be worth the $400 that you would need for your boat. good luck, john
  13. todd, i have a 15' coleman canoe....don't know if it fits your needs but available if you want. icejohn
  14. do you still have the fish trap? am interested. live in wolcott so no problem with pickup. icejohn
  15. if you still have them...do they run well or need anything? am interested. icejohn
  16. according to friends sodus bay starting to be little better....haven't gone there yet.
  17. went to big bay monday......limit of gills and 5 crappie
  18. happened on this site from iceshanty.com and spend lots of time on the water around sodus and port bays and also on the finger lakes. have a small 14' outboard and 17' tracker fishing boat w/60hp evenrude. if you see me stop by and say hello. been on the water around here for 50yrs. slowed down a little but not much.
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