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  1. Pulling copper is easy. Find a long flat area in 75-120 ft and let out enough copper that you can feel the lure hitting the bottom. I would have 600' available because you will likely use most of it and if you break off, you want enough left that it doesn't prevent you from getting back down there. Troll very slow. The slower the better, about 1.5 mph. Hold the copper in your hand and yank pretty good. Follow the lure back don't just drop it. That's usually when you get your strikes. I'm a fan of pulling quickly, some people pull slowly.

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  2. FB_IMG_1558392565705.jpgFB_IMG_1558392502637.jpgFB_IMG_1558392495357.jpgFB_IMG_1558392495357.jpgFB_IMG_1558392484927.jpgFB_IMG_1558392476749.jpgFB_IMG_1558392476749.jpgFB_IMG_1558392462760.jpgFB_IMG_1558392451353.jpgFB_IMG_1558392433411.jpgFB_IMG_1558385754004.jpgMiss Theresa Philbin managed to put up a 20.02 king this year for us to secure our first ever placement in the LOC and our first year at our new home, Lake Ontario. Her fish hit a #35 rattler in glo wonderbread pattern, On a 3 color lead core. We had some good days and some rough days, but when we got dialed in, we were fully dialed in!

    We would also like to congratulate Jonathan Forder, Richard Converse and team (Mister Squirrelly) for their 11th place finish at the Wilson Harbor Invitation and giving us the opportunity of being one of their spoons of choice during that event. Making it our debut year for that event and we did not disappoint.... Big thanks to those guys and to Nick Long who got us all hooked up.

    Things are shaping up to be a very good year for us. Thanks so much to all who help us. You all know who you are and its too many to mention, and we are very grateful! Tight lines All!


    Until we move our facilities we will not have a website. Our traffic is already too much to handle and until we can move to the new facility we can not support a website. You can always contact me personally here with a PayPal account and we can accommodate you. I appreciate your understanding, thank you!


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  3. Yes, as stated that is one of our lures called an Oakie Doakie. That particular lure dates back to the 90's. I can tell by the tape and the way it was put together. If you contact me personally I would send you some lures that we currently make in appreciation for your post.
    As stated we do not yet have a website. I'm working on it but not yet finished and we do have a fb page. It's always a pleasure to see products from our past and it's hard to believe we have been doing this for over 40 years... Thank you!

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  4. These are KW's destined for Rattling Lures.

    What's a Rattling Lure? It's a 2 piece ( top and bottom lures) Lure that rattles when trolled.. a very deadly and hot seller for us for over 20 years. We will be expanding on this Rattling concept this year. Adding more sizes to the line up. KIMG4044.JPG


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  5. This is a Lure you will soon want to own.

    The world's only 2 piece Triple Action Trolling Spoon. It's unique double jointed combination gives it an action that is unmatched. It has a long history of producing quality fish and some pretty impressive tournament wins to its credit.

    Here a just some of the patterns available for 2019.

    We do not yet have a website but I'm actively working on it. You can purchase direct from me and pay via PayPal or visit our shop in Elmira. Just message for location and appointment.







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  6. Great Lakes Lure Co receives mention, including photographs in an encyclopedia documenting the History of fishing lures.


    The Encyclopedia of Old Fishing Lures ( written by Robert A. Slade) Volume 9, documents the history of Charles Kausch and company and its eventual purchase by Great Lakes Lure Company. It details the most prominent lures, it's history and eventual purchase and transformation into what is now The Great Lakes Lure Co.


    This is a great read, and is representative of what Great Lakes Lures is all about. We are proud to produce such legends and we strive to be the Best that there is. No one produces the quality, the history or the future of lures like The Great Lakes Lure Co.


    For note:FB_IMG_1551924933822.jpgFB_IMG_1551924951328.jpgFB_IMG_1551924963565.jpgFB_IMG_1551924974851.jpgFB_IMG_1551924984375.jpgFB_IMG_1551924993436.jpgFB_IMG_1551925001409.jpg

    Great Lakes Lure Co was formed from a partnership of Junior Oakes ( my father) and Mr John Stanko. ( Then known as J & J distribution)My father purchased Kausch after him and John began making lures together. Mike Glover had nothing to do with this purchase or relationship. I'm sure John will corroborate that fact as well. As will the following pictures.


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  7. This is a Silver Soldier Heavy Weight Trolling Lure. (SSH) It is 2.75" long, it's stamped from .060 stainless steel giving it an impressive 3/8 oz in weight that makes for a very impressive wobble and a very speed tolerant Lure. We have not named the colors yet so please refer to them by the # when ordering. No website Yet.... It's being worked on. You can message me and pay via PayPal.
    Cost now till the end of Feb is $5.75 plus tax and shipping.
    Just a side note. This particular Lure was patented on 2/27/1906 by Charles Kausch. It was the first ever metal Lure patented in the USA and will celebrate a 113 Year legacy in just a couple days.
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  8. It's my understanding that you folks who paint lures and purchase them from Worth or Lakeland are having issues with supply... Well our presses are running strong and demand is high but we will still fill your needs as we expand our facilities. We produce far more than you may know. Your options are limitless with us.. Please feel free to contact us if you need a new supplier.


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