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  1. We had a good bite out of Hughes Marina Sat Eve and again Sun morn. Sunday morn took 5 kings in the teens, 4 browns and a LLS about 8lbs. All 80-140 down 45-70. All on Great Lakes Lures. Moved to 15 miles west Sunday eve, should have stayed put.... It seemed the faster we went the better. 2.8-3.3 Everytime we slowed down, the rods quit popping.... they definitely seemed to be scattering and hanging on bottom in active.

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  2. It's no secret that Watkins has a sewage treatment problem. Plans have been in the works for a bigger more modern treatment facility. The facility currently has had shut downs and Raw sewage has had to be dumped. ( They were fined 700,000$ a day for everyday they dumped raw sewage into the lake during the Phish concert) This would certainly contribute to a bacterial problem...

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