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  1. Has anyone had the pleasure of putting a new GPS Antenna to and older MFD


    I just upgraded my old raymarine 120 gps to the new rs 150 it is connected to my C120 mfd.


    The issue I have is my auto pilot and gps want to share the same seatalk port on the back of the mfd.


    Now is there a way to redirect the gps to another port or to the smart pilot control module.


    Any help is welcome.




    KJ Louise





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  2. I'm also with with the other 2 guys. The transom bar is prob you best option. Plus you can customize it the way you want it. (Cubbies, spoon holders, cooler storage). I like to think of it as a wall before getting flushed over the stern. plus it won't get in the way of the curtains when in the down position.

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  3. Simple question for most people about downrigger weights.


    We have Cannon Mag 10 ts riggers and keep popping boards every year. I believe the motors and circuit boards aren't made to handle 14-16lbs weights.


    Now do shark weights or fish shaped weight produce less drag in the water so I can run lighter weights?


    We are currently using 14lbs Torpedo weights


    Any info would be great


    Thanks again




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  4. Was the gray/white sylvan offshore with white bimini passed you in little salmon on my way in. I went 1/3 all day similar area. 8lb coho landed. 30 mins before pickup decided to change probe rigger out and when ball and probe got to top of water the wire snapped above the probe and she rests at 99ft in front of nuke plant. Lost this week a mtn dew Spinnie, UV 190 x3, pig pen on chrome Michigan stinger, hammertime Spinnie, probe and ball. Lost 15 fish three trips. Pukeee.

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    Puke is right!! We're on channel 72 if u want to chat


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  5. Fished all day today from 100-210 started next the plant ended at Alcan. The morning shift was slow and painful "No Hits and Fish" decided to head in for lunch. Came back out at 4;30 in 120'-140' east of the plant.

    Ended up going 3-5 with our first double of the year....Better late than never I guess

    Gear lost today...ouch

    3 Atomik Pro Am Flies

    2 Pig Pen pro troll 8"

    1 chrome walker dipsy ( steel broke at the knot with a monster fish on.)

    My son was the unlucky fisher boy when that happend.

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  6. Tonight we fished this evening near the plant in 140' out from the red building. Boat traffic was heavy but everyone seemed get along well. We trolled in patterns when a fish was taken that boat would slip out to fight and land then get back in line. My niece and son hooked up with some kings tonight. post-154638-14720921632902_thumb.jpgpost-154638-14720921863634_thumb.jpg

    Both were taken flasher and fly on steel out 330'

    And finally Lady Lake O didn't disappoint again with her sunsets!



    KJ Louise

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