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  1. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. Capt Larry, Thank you very much for the kind words! We really appreciate it we send thousands of packages a year and understandably mostly hear from people who have an issue with a missing item or lost package so when we hear from very pleased customers it makes our day!! Russell
  3. 2017 Anglers Avenue Custom Spin Doctors We have added a bunch of our new 2017 custom spin doctors to our site and they are already ripping off the shelves a few of these should be deadly on Lake O http://www.anglersavenueproshop.com
  4. Gambler that is exactly what makes fishing so great many different ways to do things and I'm sure both strategies work.
  5. Gambler, I tend to disagree with you here to some extent. Some of the better tournament fisherman in Michigan have figured out that chrome spin doctors with spin n glos work great at 2.0-2.2 mph for lakers which obviously still allows you to fish kings effectively at that speed. The problem with not putting any laker rods down in a tourney on the first pass or two is your letting the competition pick off the easy hot fish that are biting but more important the fish become spooky as the traffic gets thick. As far as cowbells go imo and only my opinion they have their days but there def not BETTER then dodgers and spin n glos all the time especially after the traffic has got to the fish. The cowbell setup is a close to the downrigger ball setup which is an agressive bite setup guys who would fish kings early and then rely on cowbells off downriggers in my experience would get beat in most scenerios by the guys that are fishing a much more stealthy program for trout
  6. New Custom Moonshine RV Spoons Guys I think you will the like the 3 new Anglers Avenue custom Moonshine RV spoons. Crab Apple RV and Sniper RV are sure to be hot on Lake O! http://www.anglersavenueproshop.com/rv-series-1/?sort=featured&page=1
  7. Thankfully it didnt wipe out my tackle store! My daughter Lilly when she was told by her mom what happened said "Great it probably killed all the salmon before the dnr could"
  8. I want to sort of correct my mistake in word choice I didnt mean "mend" as in the sense of the word. The better word to describe my thoughts and experiences is terminate. It is more difficult to terminate then copper. So far it appears to do everything Torpedo says it does and more.... I believe this will be a good product option for many who chose to utilize it.
  9. Anglers Avenue www.anglersavenueproshop.com
  10. It was a fantastic time and opportunity for me share some of my experiences with all the attendees. I thought the 3 different approaches charter captain, captain/tourney guy and tourney guy/fun fisherman myself really worked well. The Great Niagara Fishing Expo is a must attend show for any serious salmon/trout fisherman around the Great Lakes. The group next year that teaches the class I am sure will take it to the next level!
  11. Guys we have sold a ton of the weighted steel now and most anglers seem very happy with it. Seems there are two small drawbacks. 1. Shimano Talora copper rods dont like it but all others do.. 2. Its harder to mend then copper Other than those two seems most prefer it over copper. We sell it in the 200,300 ft spools but we also have bulk spools and can load any amount u want.
  12. 2017 Buyers Guide Hey guys I wanted to share my 2017 Buyers Guide I put together. I hope you enjoy..... http://www.anglersavenueproshop.com/blog/2017-anglers-avenue-buyers-guide/
  13. King fishing has become tougher than ever in my lifetime the last few seasons. Sparatic is the best term last year one day you could catch 12 kings the next 3 days struggle to catch 2 or 1. It has taken its toll on participation as anglers are struggling to put fish in the box. With that said there are some bright spots last year my home port tourney the Sheboygan Salmon cup took the largest 10 king catch for 2 days in its history. Day two the winners had 95# and change for 5. This has created some excitement around tournament fishing on Lake Michigan
  14. Anglers Avenue Heading to Niagara Show this week We're excited to be heading to the Greater Niagara Fishing Expo next week! I have been personally waiting for this show for a long time. What an exciting time it will be with the quality of vendors at this show and the Salmon School it's a can't miss event. I have been preparing for this show since last year. Here is some of the exciting stuff we are bringing along.... 2017 Anglers Avenue Custom Spin Doctors 2017 Anglers Avenue Custom Stinger Flashers New Custom Two Face Diabolical Meat Rigs Huge Selection of Pro King Flashers and Spoons Huge selection of Moonshine Spoons including the new 2017 colors Tons of Bay Rat crankbaits including Anglers Customs in the S3 size New coldwater reels in high speed and new sizes Blood Run sea flee line Atommik flies to match our new custom flashers Shark Weights and Flashers Torpedo Products Off Shore Tackle Products Tons of new custom Super slim spoons I can remember it all guys it's litterly going to be the largest selection I have ever taken to a show and I'll be super excited to see what everyone thinks of all the new stuff
  15. Update on all the great stuff going on with the 2017 Lotsa Salmon School!
  16. Used Rods, Combos and New Cisco Rod Tree 1 Coldwater 303D with 50lb braid on a 8ft Okuma Big Lake Tournament Copper rod over $200 retail Asking $100 1 Coldwater 303D with braid backer and 1 color leadcore on a 8ft Okuma Big Lake Tournament Copper rod over $200 retail Asking $100 (2) Shimano 8ft wire roller rods retail $139.99 each asking $80 each or $150 for pair (2) Okuma Classic Pro 8'6 copper rods $25 each of or $40 for the pair (2) okuma cold water 10'6 dipsy rods $79.99 retail each $45 each or $80 pair (2) shimano talora 7ft ml downrigger rods $69.99 retail each $35 each or $60 for the pair (2) shimano talora 10'0 m dipsy rods $79.99 retail each $45 each or $80 for the pair (2) Cisco Tree Mast 3 Rod Holder all rods holders fully adjustable tube angle thumb screw mounting retail for $779.98 for the pair $500 brand new in box email [email protected] if interested all payments will be PayPal and we can discuss shipping costs
  17. sold two convector 30ds and the cold water so far lots of interest but rest is available at the moment
  18. I have the following reels for sale all have no box..... 4 Used Abu Garcia 7000 c3 they are all in good working condition and on eBay they are going for $80-120 each used. $55 each or all 4 for $200 1 Okuma Convector 55L (new) $80 2 Okuma Convector 55L with braid and copper (new) $100 each or $180 pair 4 Okuma Convector 30DS high speed (new) $75 each or $280 for 4 1 Penn GTI (new) with 200 copper $90 1 Okuma Coldwater 253D (new) $75 1 Okuma Magda Pro 20 (new) $30 1 Okuma Magda Pro 30 (new) $30 1 Okuma Convector 15D (new) $60 This will be first paid first get. We will agree to a shipping price based on how many you purchase and where you live. Please email [email protected] if interested
  19. For those of you who follow Tom Allens fishing reports he has talked about a chrome mt dew chip flasher with a white painted back and crush glow tape. It was a homemade job but he had great success with it. We worked with Michigan Stinger to get this blade made and we gave it ready fro you guys. Its available in a combo with an A-tom-mik big fin glow uv fly or just the flasher. http://www.anglersavenueproshop.com/toms-pig-pen-stinger-flasher-big-fin-glow-uv-fly/ Good luck guys
  20. Enjoy guys let me know if you have any questions..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNbNE0ktyDk http://www.anglersavenueproshop.com
  21. Guys I wanted to share with you that we are offering some different A-Tom-Mik fly/Flasher combos. There is quite a few different options uploaded on the online store now and ready to ship. I also want to offer you guys a coupon code to get you 10% off your order Enter: 10% off (thats the code) In the coupon code section of the checkout enter that code.... http://www.anglersavenueproshop.com/flasher-atommik-fly-combos/ Here is a couple pictures of some of the ones that have been selling already.....
  22. It was a great season look for the Anglers Avenue team on the Sheboygan episode, Manistee Salmon Splash episode and the finals
  23. Silver Fox, For our team its always a debate to focus on main tourney or 333. The single tournaments average about 3-5k for first place. The other thing is when your on tv Salmon Showdown only highlights your position in the 333 so if you decide to focus on the main event and not the 333 you will look like a googan on tv! LOL
  24. Yankee Troller, Im sure you would be happy to take our cash just like the Michigan boys do. I am trying to get a team together for Wilson but striking out so far....
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