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  1. I believe the WATKINS flea market is March 26th. The BREWERTON flea market was the 11th of March.
  2. Prices include shipping to 48 states. Lot 1 - Pirate 55's - SOLD Lot 2 - Lot 3 - Lot 4 - Heddon Sounders - SOLD Lot 5 - Silver Leaf (3-7/8", the last three in the top row appear brass in color, the last two in the bottom row have been painted? - Good condition) $14 BACKS (the orange looks to be from an orange permanent marker) Lot 6 - R & R - SOLD
  3. NORTHERN KING SPOONS LOT #1 - sold LOT #2 - (NK Mags) - SOLD LOT #3 - (NK Mags and 28's) - SOLD. Prices include shipping to 48 states. PM me with any questions.
  4. I bought 90 of these from NIck last week. He may even have a few of the Deep ones too. He is easy to deal with. I run them for browns and walleye.
  5. LOT #1 - Silver Streaks (4 Mags & 5 standards [the middle one in bottom row is a glow]) $27 LOT #2 - (Pro Kings) - SOLD LOT #3 - (Pirates) - SOLD LOT #4 (Northport Nailers) - SOLD LOT #5 - (Savant Crushers) - SOLD LOT #6 - (Savant Jake 45) - SOLD LOT #7 - Pentwater Lures: Hooker Spoons (3-3/4") $25 LOT #8 - Great Lakes Lures (the first two are silver in color and the size of sutton 44's, the third one is a little larger, the fourth one is a Keuka Wobbler the bottom row has two black/silver Oakie Doakies, brown trout Oakie Doakie, brown trout and perch size 44, and a perch heavy sutton like 50). $20 LOT #9 - R&R standard size (3-3/4") $42 LOT #10 - R&R Magnums (4-5/8") $18 Prices include shipping to 48 states. PM me with any questions.
  6. How many seasons have you used it (how old)? I will be in the Buffalo area later this week if it is located near there.
  7. Received the reel. As described and no problems. Thanks!
  8. What model is this; 20, 30, or 45? What brand of wire? Thanks.
  9. I have a bunch of Northport Nailers and Yecks (smooth) but I can not tell the difference. Is there an easy way to distinguish which spoon is which brand. I believe the cup of the Yecks become flat but it is hard to tell. Thanks!
  10. These items have been sold. I was lucky enough to buy them.
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