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  1. I normally launch from Bronte. I've been going out of Fisherman's under the lift bridge due to Bronte being flooded. Yabmob
  2. We're you able to launch from Bronte? Yabmob
  3. That's 3 for me so far. They are not kings, but they will do. Yabmob
  4. Water temp 55 F. Both fish were caught arround 30 feet down in 80 fow. Both went for spoons, 1 silver and blue and the other silver and gold. Both were about the same size. Yabmob
  5. Fisherman's Pier under the skyway is open Yabmob
  6. I believe that it is my first Coho. I had heard that people caught Browns and Coho in the spring. Now I believe. Yabmob
  7. Ok. Cohos up high Yabmob
  8. This is the same fish from a different camera. Yabmob
  9. Fishing out of Fisherman's Pier on Monday. 60 fow. Trolling crank baits with no luck. Decided to throw out a Monkey Puke spoon. I was letting it out when a Bow hit it 40 feet from the boat and still at the surface. Our only fish on our first time out. A nice way to start the year. Yabmob
  10. Bronte harbor ramp closed because it is under water Yabmob
  11. Transom replacement

    I can see why that would be a good idea. The stuff sticks like gum to the bottom of my shoe. Imho, the floor is either rivited or screwed in place or both. It should be well fastened due to pounding our boats take on a rough lake. While researching the transom and floor replacement for my boat, I came across the info that the flotation in our boats will keep the boat at or near the surface at best. The difference in floatation between the poured in stuff and the laid in stuff is minimal. If flotation is a huge concern, you could spray foam under the gunnals. The size of the gunnals on these boats would hold a lot of foam. There is a huge section on Iboats on reconstruction of Starcraft boats. It is a great resource to read through. I found lots of info for all the problems I faced when I redid my boat. I have been on Erie with 6 footers and felt totally safe, not comfortable, but safe. On another note. It looks like there is pitting on the inside of the transom. I used alumiweld from Harbor freight to fill in the big pits and to fill in holes from old transducers and junk that the previous owner had mounted on the back of the boat. Make sure you follow the directions for a good result. YouTube was very helpful. Yabmob
  12. Transom replacement

    The foam is not structural. The Jupitor and Chieftain are of the same size and hull types. They had sheets of foam under the floors. My biggest issue with the pour in foam is that it does not let water flow to the bildge. The foam in these boats will keep them at the surface if swamped. The foam is closed cell. This is essentially mini ping pong balls. Styrofoam SM is closed cell. It is used to insulate basement walls. It won't absorb water. The problem is that it ain't cheap. My Islander has SM on the bottom. This lets any water run past the ribs to the bildge. Pool Noodles also are closed cell. Bought a box of them from Wal-Mart. I sliced and diced them to fill all the voids. I used exterior plywood from Lowes. Marine grade is the best, but it is very expensive. The difference between them is that the Marine grade has less voids in it. I looked at the plywood at Home Depot but it was junk. Looking at the edges, you could see lots of voids. The plywood from Lowes was cheaper and solid. The wood in my transom was 25 years old and untreated. It was rotting on the bottom edges but overall in better shape than I thought it was before I removed it. I laminated the 2 sheets of 3/4 with PL Premium construction adhesive. Once stuck with PL it will never come apart. After shaping and cutting out the key hole I sealed both sides and the edges with Aluthane. 3 or 4 coats. Now the water is unable to sit against the transom because it goes to the bildge. 5400 is great sealant but it is over kill. 4200 is as good a sealant but less of an adhesive. 5400 is considered a permanent adhesive. 4200 cures in 24 hours vs 7 days. Seal everything that goes through the transom. If money is no object, go Marine grade. In my opinion, good fir exterior grade is more than adequate due to the protected locations of our transoms. Yabmob
  13. Transom replacement

    By the looks of your posts, you are on the US side of the Pond. I am on the North side. I had to get the aluthane delivered to a US address then bring it across the border. I am considering getting more. Yabmob