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  1. Look up Aluthane from epoxyprodrcts.com. used it on the floors and hull of my Islander when I re did the floor. It is not cheap but it goes. A long way. Used one gallon for my floors and transom. Ditto on the foam. Mine was saturated. Removed it and found a small hole below the waterline that I repaired. I was going to top coat the aluthane but I left it and 3 years later the floors look great. Epoxy Products were great to deal with. Answered questions quickly. I did have to ship to a US address because I live in Canada. No big problem as I go to Buffalo often.
  2. I found that when I removed the floor, it ended under the bulkhead for the cabin. In order to install the 3/4 inch, the slot under bulkhead needed to be widened. I used a oscilating tool to open up the slot. Next time, there is one, I would stick with 1/2 inch. The original lasted over 20 years. The original had no coating. I think my new floor will outlast me
  3. Look up aluthane. When I got my islander it had soft floors At the back. I ripped out the floors and found a little water damage at the outside lower edges of the transom. Replacing the transom on these boats is not hard. Check out the starcraft area of iboats. I used aluthane to seal the new transom and deck. I have left the deck with just the aluthane it has lasted 4 summers so far with no hint of wear. I upgraded to 3/4 ply. If I were to do it again I would keep the 1/2 inch. I was shopping for a 22 like yours but got a deal on a 19. You didnt get a deal, you got a steal.
  4. I have a 191 Islander with 2 of the same riggers. It came with 4. I mounted the 2 with the shorter booms about 10 inches in on the transom. I have 2 Scotty rod holders on the sides about 4 feet from back. The riggers are on swivel mounts. I have 2 more Scotty rod holders on the back just near the edges of the dog house. The set up is the 2 riggers deep and 2 dipseys on 10 foot rods on the sides and setup for a leadcore down the chute. I would mount 2 and keep the others as spares.
  5. Thanks for the input My first thought was Lakers when we were on the boat. I had second thoughts when I looked at the pics at home. Sent from my LG-H812 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Got out on Big O on Sunday afternoon. 50 to 60 fow. Got 2 beauties and lost a larger one right at the boat. I thought that these were Lakers but on a second pool are they Browns? I think that Lakers have more green in them. Caught them all on a dypsy on a 2 setting and 150 feet if line. A silver faceted spoon had all the magic. Let me know your thoughts about Browns or Lakers. Sent from my LG-H812 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. I normally launch from Bronte. I've been going out of Fisherman's under the lift bridge due to Bronte being flooded. Yabmob
  8. That's 3 for me so far. They are not kings, but they will do. Yabmob
  9. Water temp 55 F. Both fish were caught arround 30 feet down in 80 fow. Both went for spoons, 1 silver and blue and the other silver and gold. Both were about the same size. Yabmob
  10. I believe that it is my first Coho. I had heard that people caught Browns and Coho in the spring. Now I believe. Yabmob
  11. This is the same fish from a different camera. Yabmob
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