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  1. Slob Walleye

    NICE JOB!!!!
  2. Youth NY turkey season

    love the smile!!! Congrats & nice job!!
  3. 2015 Ohio turkey opener

    Nice job Bill & Co.!!!
  4. Snow Geese

    My son shot 4 in Kendall yesterday afternoon. Quite a few around
  5. Got a couple guys on some nice ADK pike

    Dandy Fish!! Nice Job!!
  6. Field Mergansers?

    They are starving to death. The same thing happened last year, there were dead ones littered along the parkway. Anytime- I probably saw the same one you saw off of Redman. I most likely didnt move because it didnt have the strength to.
  7. Ice Safe tomorrow on braddocks bay? 1/17

    there is at least 7" on braddocks- good to go
  8. Something different

    As always Paul- Fantastic work!!!
  9. like the cash register at narbys-OMG that is FUNNY!!