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  1. Has anyone used these swivels and are they worth getting.
  2. Will you take $40. for the lot?
  3. Hey there fellow fishermen! I'm having a hard time finding certain sizes and colors of spin n glos. I would appreciate any suggestions of were the best places to look for these In the Watertown to Syracuse area. Tight Lines Al
  4. Are the C5's still available?
  5. Kingston, Ontario. I have to come over Tues and Wed and could meet you if possible?
  6. Very interested! Where are you located? Can meet you Tues or Wed if possible. Let me know. Al Ramos
  7. Thanks Guys! Probably run over on Wednesday. Thanks again!
  8. Doe's the outside Dipsy have to be farther out than the inside one?
  9. Hi Fellow Fisherman! Does anyone know were I can pick up Michigan Stinger Stacker Stickers as close to Alexandria Bay, Watertown area as possible?
  10. Do you still have the copper rods and reels for sale? If so I will give you $300. total for both rods and reels.
  11. Man o' War

    Sold / Closed Thompson 240 sold

    I would like to take a look at your boat. Where are you located ?
  12. Sorry Guys! Cannon repairs near Watertown area is where I'm looking for.
  13. Does anyone know where I can get cannon downriggers repaired? The closer to the border the better. Near Watertown area. Thanks Al Ramos
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