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  1. How many trips was that to catch 3 at Kinzua ? Is it worth the trip ?
  2. Adam and Zach information was a great help. thank you both ! I was going to give Kinzua a try but so many people told me "Its a needle in the haystack" there and I could fish 50 trips there and not get a rip. Thanks once again !
  3. Conneaut Lake I was wondering if anyone has any advice to help shorten the learning curve for a first time trip for me to Conneaut Lake in Pa. I will be going next week and launching at the PFBC. launch at the north end of the lake. I will be trolling. Trying to get some Muskie fishing in till the NY. opener. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Cody !!!
  4. Thank you Adam and everyone else for replyin, great information ! Very helpful! I knew you guys would know and help. Thanks again !!!
  5. I could use some information on hook replacement, size and make, and split ring size. In the event I have cut hooks on 5 1/2 inch jtd. Wiley Muskie Killers and if I have to cut one hook do you replace all or just the hook cut. No split rings on from new. I tried contacting Muskie Thrills via e-mail but don't think my wife's work e-mail went thru or it possibly went to junk mail. Thanks and any information would be appreciated.
  6. Musky net, musky lures, to which I won't identify so not to offend. I usually DO NOT post, however I think someone was getting a jump on the opener. The guy piloting the boat seemed evasive and short with answers. If I were a betting man I would put money that these two were fishing for muskies.
  7. Last Tuesday I was checking out the Long Point Marina launch. The usual guys fishing from the docks, a Starcraft boat came in two guys, Ohio boat reg., muskie rods and baits for sure. I watched an older guy fishing from dock ask the guys in boat " Whatcha catch " reply " Fish " Older guy " What are you fishing for " Guy in boat " You wanna know a lot " I thought they were fishing for muskies, with their equipment and baits it sure looked like it to me.
  8. Adam that great !! Really good pics Congrats to all, get some more !
  9. 1dogshy, Very nice fish ! A " 50 " on the Susquehanna is a Trophy for sure. Nice catch and THANK YOU for CPR of the fish.
  10. A Wolf will kill to eat and survive or feed its family and so will a Coyote and so on, some will not like how nature is though. This jerk killed to satisfy or feed his own ego and not to survive or feed his family ( Sounds like the Government is doing that for him ) I hope he learned a lesson and is remorseful of his crime and uses some brain cells next time to do whats legal and right. A long time criminal I went to school with once said that the 11th Commandment is " Don't get caught " he is 60 and has spent almost 40 of those year incarcerated for crimes he committed.
  11. I'm with Larry. I won't be signing up for this tournament !
  12. Adam, a vey nice fish indeed ! Thanks for the post and pics.
  13. Adam and Larry thank you for the helpful information. The transformation from tournament Bass fishing to Muskies fishing is a great new learning experience for me. Thanks again !
  14. Adam, Congrats to your Dad on catching a real nice looking fish ! Great day on the water for you both. Good luck in the MI Master Division too !
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