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  1. I was also thinking that the fish are feeding easily on plentiful bait. Saw massive bait clouds. Spent most of the time fishing 40-50 fow, which seemed where we marked the most fish and bait. All 4 fish came on cowbell setups for us. Kept 3 fish for the table: one had 21 sculpin in his gut!, one had 7 sawbellies, and the third was empty and hungry. At least no lamprey!
  2. Ok, I don't feel so bad about my performance now, lol. Only caught 4 lakers all weekend in 4-5 lb range. Verrrrry slow.
  3. I'm saving my luck for the weekend! Good luck guys
  4. A quintuple landed, now I'm impressed!
  5. Spin doctor in mountain dew with blue green fly took this on Seneca yesterday. Other best flasher for the weekend was the e chip.
  6. Thanks for the reports. Putting the boat in at Sampson this weekend, maybe I'll see ya out there. What size of the gambler rigs do you normally run? I've been tying up my own spin n glo rigs to run behind cowbells. End up with 90% of my fish on those. Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. But if you want silvers I can't seem to find any, ha Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. I've been doing great with cowbells or dodgers with spin n glo rigs. Green and chartreuse in color just off the bottom. Two man limit of lakers today in just under 4 hours. Quit running all my other rods because only the deep riggers produced. Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. It was on fire this morning! Boated 11 lakers. Hammerhead and spin n glo on deep rigger was the hot ticket. Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. Now I don't feel so bad for my poor results. Ran a lot of different set ups and managed only one laker in about 12 hours of running 6 rods. Everything from flat lining off boards, cores, dipsys, and riggers everywhere in between. 1 laker came on mini cowbell and spin n glo. Didn't mark a lot of fish, those wet did seemed glued to bottom. Fished 80 to 120 fow mostly. Couldn't go Monday but my father said found a lot of marks shallow 50 ft but no takers. We fished from Sampson to Geneva both shores.
  11. Washed some gear for 2.5 hours with no takers. Did mark a few bait pods, mostly clung to the bottom and did mark some good areas with a lot of fish both suspended and on the bottom in around 60 fow. Nothing wanted to bite however.
  12. Thanks guys, let ya know how it turns out. Will only be a short trip, need the boat to marina by noon.
  13. Have not had the chance to get out to the lake since labor day. Planning to try a last ditch fishing effort Saturday morning before taking the boat out at Sampson. Would appreciate any info on what has worked recently for those who have fished the North end of the lake.
  14. Amazing, they're better fisherman than I am! Great job.
  15. Finally able to get out on the water again after working too much. Pretty solid day on the north end, fishing 80 - 100 fow. Went 7 for 8. Missed one on dipsy where we noticed dipsy wasn't dragging only to find a clean snapped off leader. Hot rig was #1 dipsy out 200 feet with spin doctor and spin n glo taking 4 fish including nice rainbow pictured, which was released unharmed. 3 more lakers on spoon rigger down 50-60 ft. 4 lakers were fileted and released...
  16. Those are some pretty good tips. I just started hunting Seneca last year with a small spread of mallards off the dock. Was able to get a few birds. I never thought of flagging those birds that are just cruising the middle of the lack though, I will have to try that one just like flagging geese in the fields. Also just picked up a wind duck (spinning wings) to add some flash. It seems last year the blue bills and redheads didn't show up in numbers until after the season. Seems it was pretty warm into waterfowl season and there was still lots of open water elsewhere, but after everything else froze up Seneca was packed with divers. Anyone hunt out of Sampson State Park, wondering how they do the check in process and if its too much of a pain.
  17. I was very pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of the cowbell w/ spin n glo rig. I had just picked it up a few days before and my first time fishing with it. That was one major change made. In addition we fished more oriented to the bottom for lakers and went to a lighter leader (10# flouro).
  18. Many thanks to those of you post here, I enjoy reading everyone's reports and it has taught me a lot about how to get started trolling for trout and salmon. For just getting started this year it seems I'm finally getting into some fish. Earlier this spring and summer we've managed to pick up a fish here and there, but never consistently. Here's what we did this past weekend: Water fished: North end of the lake, both east and west shores. 90-130 fow Speed: Roughly 1.8 - 2.2 SOG Time: 6:30am to 11:30 am both mornings. - Most fish came later in the morning. Rod 1: #1 Dipsy set at 3 on 30 lb braid, 200 ft out, e-chip flasher and fly. Switched to spin doctor and spin n glo which took one good laker lost near the boat to a broken leader when he thrashed on the surface. Rod 2: Rigger 90 ft baby cowbell and spin n glow 6 small lakers boated. Rod 3: Rigger and spoon fished from 50 - 90 ft. One nice 8 lb laker in picture below Rod 4: 7 color leadcore and spoon went untouched.
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