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  1. The fastest I ran them was 2.5-2.8 and they worked fine. Why do,you need to run them at that speed?
  2. I have had better luck on shad raps. I prefer the jointed. Their perch pattern is very good but nothing beats the purple.
  3. Went down this morning and they had a section of docks in on the west ramp. No one was around to ask when they are putting the remainder in but at least it's a start.
  4. Thanks for the update. Warmer days and some rain may get the lake up a few degrees. Should be an early spring
  5. Good luck. Let us know how it goes.
  6. Checked Sandy this morning and there is ice at the ramp but should be clear by end of week with warm weather moving in. There was some open water in the middle of channel.
  7. If you go to the weigh in you should have no problems. Ask some of the charter captains. They are always looking for people to give fish too.
  8. Only went out a few hours this morning from 7-30-11. The 200-220 depth was whee we found the most action. All of our hits were at 85-90 ft on riggers. Glow spook was popular along with green dolphin. Had one on a sea sick waddler magnum. Couldn't get a dipsy to go. Had them at 220-270. There was a lot of current and you had to pay attention to your speed and depth or you were fishing above that depth. Wasn't hot and heavy but it took a while to get all 4 riggers set. Lost a nice 18 lb. at the boat and it would of been my sons biggest salmon. Great to see him shaking his arms as he is fighting the fish all the way in. Tight line all the way in just happens sometimes. Ended up with only a couple for the box but flies and heat were too much too stay. Earlier would of better and he now he understands it.
  9. That is interesting. I did it to match lure speed. The speed read 3.3 and I was running DW SS spoons me I know they don't run at that speed. My instruction sheet said to mount 1/4-5/8". I don't think it really matters but when I run at full speed I have no blow back.
  10. I jutted mounted mine last week and I put mine on the port side opposite side of the fish finder. 1/2" below the transom and it works fine. Make sure you calibrate the speed to a GPS unit. I put mine a foot under the water and then calibrated it. It was off .9 mph.
  11. Speaking of hunting if anyone is traveling the parkway between 5-6 a.m. be very careful of deer. Most people are aware of this but It doesn't hurt to have a friendly reminder. I had 15-20 cross between Hamlin and the Oak. Couple nice bucks already in mid June.
  12. Went out solo today and started out in 150 and headed north.saw a few boats coming from shallower water heading that direction so I figured the inside wasn't producing. Picked up a Steelie at 180 on a dipsy 100 back #2 setting with dodger/fly Mountain Dew. That was followed up with a 15 lb laker 37 down on NBK. next up was a teenager 35 down NBK. Thought ok this is gong pretty good than the lake remembered it was mid June and nothing for the next 2 hrs. Little skippy then a knock off then quiet. Tried going into,80 ft. of water but blank screen. Their were boats way out but didn't think I needed to go but looking back I should of picked up,and ran. I was talking to,a guy at the dock and they were getting them in 80 yesterday but there was bait. The NE blow must of broke that party up but maybe it will set back up. For only 3 rods with scattered fish you take what lady O. will give you.
  13. Started in 150 ft and didn't get a hit until 180. Best area today was 200 area. Everything we saw was 30ft and up. Water temp at 35ft was 39 degrees. Deep rig was 30 ft. With sliders that produced 2 lakers and a skippy. Dipseys were between 50-80 on#2 setting. Produced a teenager, laker, steelhead. One laker on top as I was letting line out. Ended the trip with a steelhead performance that everyone lives for on a board. Colors were monkeyshine,watermelon,dolphin. Best direction for trolling was NW. Almost all fish came in that direction. We tried different speeds going other directions and lures looked good but the fish tell us what they like. Nothing like a Nor'easter to change things up.
  14. We were out today and there was nothing below 30 ft. We had 3 lakers (2 sliders) and one when I was letting out line. Water temp @35ft was 39 degrees in 200 ft.
  15. Was there yesterday morning and the wind blew the ice in behind Warrens. It was broken up so with sw winds expected I think it will be fine. Like stated above just call Warrens and they will give you an update. The wind will subside by Sunday.
  16. I fish there every year in the end of July. We fish for walleyes and it is the only time when I hate catching small mouths. We stay next door to Land o Lakes at Tumblehome. They have maps but they are paper and not very good but they will point put areas to fish As far as I know there are no contour maps of Crotch Lake. Finding small mouths will not be hard because we troll deep diving rapalas and catch plenty of them. The purpledescent the best color by far.believe me when I tell you that it out fish all other colors 5-8to1. Jointed is better. As far as I know the only ones that use it are the people I have given lures too. Make sure you ask about extended rock points and submerged rock piles that are not marked!!!! It is a great place but you need to be aware. Walleye fishing is best at first light until about 7:30-8. Last Light is also good. Jigging is popular as well or a simply worm and hook. Lot of fun with perch,sunfish, rock bass,walleyes and smallmouth. Love Crotch Lake. Nothing better than cruising out in the water at 5:30 a.m. With sun coming up. We also have shore breakfast sometimes. Some islands have camping so there will be places to fire pits. Enjoy and be safe!
  17. Thanks for the link. This definitely helps. Are there any new patterns that are better than others. For kings? And steelhead.
  18. I wanted to know if there is a list of colors for the different names everyone has for their spoons. I remember when oak orchard had there daily report and there was a page that had pics with the name so you could replicate the patterns. There a bilzillion different names and since I'm just getting back into trolling I recognize a lot of the names but can't remember the color pattern to most of them. I realize that lure companies have their own version but there is a handful of old faithfuls that would be very helpful. Any help would be appreciated.
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