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  1. 9 small size hot n tots. $20 obo
  2. 14 medium sized hot n tots. $30 obo
  3. 8 large size hot n tots. $25 obo
  4. I have an otter lodge I'd sell. Almost brand new. No runners or cover though
  5. I'll take them. Shoot me a message and I'll get you my PayPal info
  6. I could be wrong but isn't there a NYS law that prohibits you from cleaning your fish so close to the waterway? Like I said I could be wrong but that was always what I thought. Keeps guys from filleting fish out on the lake to keep more than a limit
  7. Got a king as well on Saturday. 15-16 lbs. East of Sommerset, almost directly off Golden Hill in 12-14 fow trolling for Browns. Took a green/chartreuse stinger spoon off a rigger 8 feet down and 50 ft back. Been running a spin flasher I made kind of similar to the fish flash flashers directly off the back of my ball and all of my rigger releases this year have come on that side. Also took a 5-6 lb brown on same spoon. Got a nice 9-10 lb brown on a nuke green challenger stick. And a steelhead on a yellow w/ orange diamond flutter spoon I'm unsure of the name of. Had one scream off 50 ft or so on a board but never hooked up, and one other rigger release with no one home
  8. I know this is a long shot but I lost a church inline Walleye board this morning trolling west out of Olcott. It has the dual action flag, but unfortunately I never put my name and phone number on the boards. If for some reason someone comes across it out there I'd really appreciate it if you would return it. Thanks again. Quick report, only trolled for about 2.5-3 hours boated 2 Browns, one small 2-3 lbs and one 6-8 lbs. Lost something very nice due to faulty leader/knot. Cleared 2-3 ft out of the water when it hit and snapped off right at the snap on the lure end of the leader. Temps West of Olcott were around 42-43, about 2-3 ft chop. Not a bad day, besides losing a $50 inline board lol
  9. Heard of a few guys getting some last week. Very slow though, took 2 guys 5 hours to get their limit I guess. And had to wade out very far, guy said he was out to the pocket in his chest waders to reach them. People in shallower without waders got very little
  10. Thanks for the clarification. Is the one in the last pic a king too? I thought that was a coho but again didn't check. And he was tiny so my hands cover a lot of the fish lol. All of our fish get revived and returned to the lake BTW, I'm not interested in cleaning them (that's what walleyes are for) just love to fish for them
  11. Last picture was from easter Sunday 4/5. It was only us and 1 other boat out. I think we were running just a bit too deep, just got the one. Very cold, got snowed on pretty good in the afternoon
  12. I'm not sure if I'm posting this question in the right section, gotta forgive me I'm a noob to the site. I was wondering if some of you experienced guys might be able to tell me roughly how deep a 4/0 dodger with a peanut fly might run at about 2-2.2 mph. I wanna run one rod straight out the back of my boat for spring coho. I'm going to be in roughly 10 ft of water and running maybe 40-50ft off the back of the boat. Do you think that the weight of just the dodger is enough to get me around 4-5ft down or I even considered running the setup behind 1 color of lead (30 ft of lead plus leader and a few feet of backer gets me right around 40ft back) just seemed a bit impractical when I can throw on a snap weight though. Any thoughts on how much weight if I was to use a snap weight to get this setup to my desired depth of about 4-6 ft at 2-2.2 mph?
  13. Trolled from 9-2 out of Olcott. Ran 6 rods, 4 boards 2 riggers. Flat lined stick baits off the boards and small spoons off the riggers around 4-6 ft down in 7-10 fow. Got 5 browns, 1 steelie, and 1 coho/king (gotta forgive me I'm not the best at deciphering from looking at a picture and I forgot to check its gums before releasing it). I will try to get some pictures uploaded tomorrow afternoon. Best action on bright colors, chartreuse and oranges were best. Got 3 browns on a super small silver flutter spoon I taped up myself. Steelies came on a silver bass pro floating stick bait (rapala knock off). Salmon on chartruese rapala. Fire tiger was a good color too. Speed right around 2.1-2.2 all day. Heading out again next Sunday early start this time for our last spring trip before my dad takes the boat out to the place on Erie for the eyes. Got a few new tricks up my sleeve to try this week, hopefully we'll get to double digits. I'll be sure to post another report after we go out. Not too bad for a couple guys who haven't done the trout and salmon thing for almost 20 years. My father and I used to fish out of Olcott religiously all through the late 80s and early to mid 90s, but my dad swore he was done with it. I knew I'd get him back out there . Sorry for the lengthy first post, I'm Jeff by the way. We are in a red 16ft Lund, it will be Mac Attack once I get the old man to get off his butt and put the old name on her (our boats have had the name since before I was even fishing). If you see us out there give us a holler, always happy to give up some info, and always glad for a tip or 2. Leads me to my first question, what vhf channels are you guys at my end of the lake using? (Niagara, Wilson, Olcott area).
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