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  1. Ha DB mike and I know of one person the would like to. Observe for the Pro-Am so keep it in mind if anyone needs one
  2. Thanks for the interest guys . But the job has been filled. Thanks again
  3. Looking for a frist mate for the month of August to September must be flexible to work between sodus and rochester . 5 days a week . Weekends off . Please feel free to give me or mike a call at 315 879-1930 (Ron) 315 719-2621 (mike)
  4. Webster eye care mike is the best !
  5. Sorry about that he payed 425 new and is asking 325 like I said still in the box I will try to upload a pic
  6. Hey DB can you imagin if we went up this year ? Dylan would had some real fun ! Well he is with a good group of guys I will call them up to get the report
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