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  1. Pap, Thanks for the in depth knowledge on the batteries. Now what should i purchase, the boat only has the big knob switch for batt on/off. So i'm guessing i need a batt selector modle switch instead of the current one, and is the yellow top a batt or a charging aid.This trolling under power is all new to me, I have been trolling the resies for 40 yrs , oar power only.But i do have an electrical background.

  2. I'm putting an electric trolling motor on a 17ft boat. It's a Navigator 5200, that mounts on the cavitation plate of the outboard. Was wondering what size marine deep cycle batt should I buy, Someone told me a group 27 . Also I guess it would be a good idea to install a battery selector switch for 2 batteries, so the outboard could charge it and not drain down the boats batt. Any info is greatly appreciated.

  3. 44's and 35's are all over Ebay, I even have some i would be willing to trade, I'm looking for 32's , the heavier ones not flutter thin ones, either all silver or silver with the copper back. And i spoke to the man at Sutton this week and he is out of almost everything, having a plating problem.

  4. Going up to Schroon lake in a month, wondering if anyone has some suggestions about lakers or landlocked slmon. I will have a 17ftr with downriggers , also i'll have my leadcores and dipseys. Never fished it before but it looks promising. Just not sure about what system would work best.

  5. Going up to the Niagara river in june, will have access to a boat, not sure how it's equipped, I do have my own tackle i can bring, not sure what the middle of June would be like. Any trout or lakers at that time of yr, also spoons or plugs , side planers or dipsey's I've only fished the Niagara in the fall and winter for steelhead. Need direction

  6. Would like to know if there are pros and cons on planer boards. Personnaly I've been leaning towards the mast with otter boats. Plus the slider style  seems like alot of hardware to reel in.




















































































































































































































































































































































  7. Hello all, I have a Navigator 5200 trolling motor that mounts directly on the lower unit of the outboard motor, wondering if anyone knows where i would find a replacement switch and speed controller for the little box that mounts up front by my console, i believe it's a single pole double throw switch, not sure about the reostat specs, any help is much appreciated. Thanks, Bud

  8. What ifishy is talking about, I have that video by a guy who's last name is White, the video is called  Why Fish Bite , it was shot in BC, around the late 70's, pretty interesting , the guys dunks the spoons in the bilge area around the inboard getting them all oily and drops them down on riggers with a camera and the fish have no problem following and hitting them.

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