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  1. JD, I’ll give a shot at tying some with the different knot on the treble. That’s definitely where the issue is. It’s unwrapping, and both times it happened it was immediately after bigger fish. Thanks for the help. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Yes, I think they’re 50#. I should probably have asked the question more about the issue of the break or unraveling happening specifically at the treble. I know our tackle gets beat up, chewed up, etc., but this just seemed odd for it to unravel multiple times within a few fish. I’ll pick up some more spares in the meantime. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I’ve been fishing flies with good results on Cayuga the past couple weeks and have a question regarding the fly harnesses. Last week I had a break off with the treble and brought it up and it looked like it had unraveled. I figured I’d done something wrong here but just chalked it up to bad luck. I changed it out and double checked everything. This morning it happens again, where the treble breaks off on another fish so I got a picture. I check the line each morning when I set my spread and check the harness each fish for nicks, etc. Is it common to go through harnesses often? Is it normal to have the treble break off/unravel? The fly is an atommik hammer fly which has caught a lot for us on Cayuga lately. Thanks for your advice. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Got the kids off to school and was fortunate to have the day off from work. Launched from Mayer’s about 830 and went out to 80 and fished in between 70-90 most of the morning. 2 steelhead and 1 laker, mixed veggie spoon for the steelhead, gambler rig green monster for the laker- thanks Gambler! Fished early afternoon 90-110 and had another steelhead, a nice size laker and a king, sea sick waddler and carbon 14 spoons. Picked up the family at the dock after school and headed back out. 3 more kings and an acrobatic steelhead capped our evening. All on carbon 14 spoon. Down 40 and 50 on riggers. All fish released healthy for another day. Great day and a nice belated Father’s Day gift from the family. Many thanks to those that have posted recent reports to help amateurs like myself. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I do this quite often each summer. Just talk to the gate worker and let them know your plans. There are always one or two boats or trailers stored there, especially on weekends. I can’t vouch for how secure it is, but I’ve yet to have a problem, knock on wood. Hope this helps. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Thanks to all for the advice. I’ll pick up a transom saver and see how it goes. Heading to Cayuga for the long weekend. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. This could fall under dumb question alert so fair warning. I have a new kicker and wondering if it’s necessary to use a support bracket to raise the clearance a bit? It clears about 8” off the ground. Or should I raise all the way up to the tallest lock? It’s a manual tilt Honda. I’ve read leave it down, use a bracket, and everything in between. The manual says a bracket but attaching it doesn’t seem straightforward to me but I’m probably missing something. Thanks in advance for the advice. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Pm sent. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Thanks, Sherman. I'll just run divers and boards off the track for at least this year. The Scotty holders have done ok without a backing plate but I sweat it out every time I put a rod in the plastic.
  10. JD, I like that setup. I’d eventually like to get my rigger off the back to not have to lean out so far, especially this time of year. It looks like two sections of 24” track will what can fit for me. I can add another 12” on the back if needed maybe to run a line down the chute. When installing track, does everyone use some type of backer plate? Plywood, aluminum plate, something else? Is it necessary? Perhaps better safe than sorry? Appreciate everyone’s input. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Thanks for your replies. I like the idea of adding two separate tracks and the option of adding a smaller section this year, and another down the line. Eventually I want to get the riggers off the back, like you have JD. My Trophy 175 may be a similar layout to yours so I like this idea. Really appreciate your time here. I'll update as I go along.
  12. Maybe I should've titled this help spend my money, but here goes. It's time to upgrade/replace the rod holders from the original owner. After reading as many old threads as I could find on this, I'm coming to the community here for your expertise. As you can see there are Driftmaster and Scotty/Cabela's holders from the original owner. They work fine but not really ideal or secure for trolling. Hopefully the pictures show enough. I'm thinking either 24 or 36" track for Cannon or Cisco rod holders. Maybe down the line adding a tree, but definitely not this year. Or another thought was adding a Big Jon multiple set near where the old Scotty is. I know I read an old thread on track length for certain setups at one point but can't find it again. What length of track would be ideal for running 2 rod holders for now, and either adding another or a tree? Does the 24" or 36" allow that? I want some flexibility with moving things around but I don't want the landing strip look up and down. I know everyone has their preference for track and rod holder systems. I'm leaning more toward Cannon holders and Cisco track as they seem to be the most for your dollar with good customer service. Thanks all for your advice and experience in advance. Jeff
  13. Mine came with the Walker swivel mounts that are easy to mount and remove with the knobs that are supplied. I think you can use other manufacturer’s bases with the various mounting holes. Good luck. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Looking to fish for pike a couple days next week in Henderson Bay while camping at Westcott. I don't want GPS coordinates or your honey hole, just a general idea what to look for (depth, bait, etc). I've never been this area before and new to this. Could anyone recommend a good bait shop near Westcott SP? In Henderson? Or Sackets Harbor? Thanks. J
  15. I know this is the other side from Sheldrake but I just came back from a long weekend near Long Point at the family cottage. My kids and nephews (all 6 and under) probably caught 50 between them. Bluegills, sunnies, perch and a few bass. All right off the dock. Ton of fun. Best conditions I've seen since May. #6 aberdeen and crawlers worked best for us. I did well with largemouth on topwaters since it was so calm Sunday and Monday. Enjoy!
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