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  1. There we go Sent from my LGL33L using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Wife and I went down yesterday, saw some females staging and one big Pike that I couldn't get a decent picture of. Should be better when it warms up a bit more. Sent from my LGL33L using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. This thread is a God send, especially Lucky13's post. Brookies are a personal quest this year for me and that gave me a lot of great info. Now for a personal question, does anyone know/think there would be brooks in the no-named streams flowing into Keuka? Like maybe in or near the headwaters. Sent from my LGL33L using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Thanks for the replies, I know it needs numbers even if it's just a trolling motor like I plan on using. Still think I'm going to talk to someone in person at DMV tomorrow though just to make sure I get it right first time. I'm not in possession of it yet, just trying to make sure I can reg it before purchase. Sent from my phone at a place
  5. Forgot to add that I've looked online at DMV and I'm still having trouble understanding how to go about this. The way their website is setup is so backwards, I just want to have a small boat to fish the bays and Finger Lakes with. Sent from my phone at a place
  6. I'm looking at this old jon boat to turn into a mini bass boat. There is no title as previous owner only used oars, and no placard for any sort of identification, so my question is how would I go about registering it? I plan on going to DMV tomorrow to ask them but if I can get some good info here first I may just buy and register it tomorrow instead. Thanks for any info Sent from my LGL33L using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. Saw this on Mystery Tackle Box's blog, that thing was faaaaat Sent from my LGL33L using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. As I only bank fish, first cast first fish is bad. So to get around that I do a short cast to make sure I don't get one. Also don't piss in the water your fishing, find a tree a ways away from there. Sent from a phone at a place
  9. Oh hell no, seagulls get fat when she goes out lol
  10. The wife and I get out a few times together every year and she loves catching these. Size 10/12 hook and a bit of worm, crush the barb and she can get 15-20 in an hour. Sent from my Z750C using Tapatalk
  11. Hey guys, I'm new here but fishing my whole life. Love going after bass but will go for anything that hits my line. Buddy of mine is into catfishing now and have been a few times with no luck. I love going for panfish on my ultralight setup. 7' carbon rod with 4 lb mono. Looking to get some Salmon this year as I have yet to in the last 4. New to fly fishing as well, went for first time with friend from work and his father down to Caledonia and caught my first and only Brown, 6" and let go to get bigger. Looking to learn more about Salmon/Trout and get some this year. Keep those lines wet
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