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  1. That's a giant for NY! I do a lot of bass mounts and that fish is 7+ easily!
  2. Awesome color on a really nice bass!
  3. Troy Creasy High adventures sportfishing out of Salmon river does winter trips down there.
  4. fresh 20 lber From the Salmon river.
  5. Just finished up for a client. 37"
  6. My name is Bryan Russell. I am a full time fish replica artist with 40 years of fish replica experience. I have approx 7,000 fish mounts under my belt so far. My business is called Anglers choice fish mounts. I am an advocate of catch and release, hence I stopped doing skin mounts in 1996. I was replicas only from then on even though replicas weren't cool yet. I have spent a lifetime perfecting molding, casting and coloring techniques. I am one of the few in the country who molds my own fish and makes my own replicas. I do custom molding of clients fish if requested for the same price as my regular mounts. My techniques produce scales with growth rings cast in. Full mouth interior with tooth patches and gill rakers and esophagus. I live part time in Florida and I'm opening a shop in Pulaski, NY area as well. I'm a native WNYer and spent many years guiding on the Niagara river and also perfecting my craft. I want to get involved in Helping Lake Ontario thrive. Look froward to forging new friendships here!
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