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  1. I'm doing several right now. Your is a giant considering it's from the north. Check my website at www.anglerschoicefishmounts.com Call me if you have questions. I have a gorgeous mold that size. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. Nice Skis! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. Walleye mount Freshly done. Whatcha think?
  4. Better to support local shops anyway in my opinion.
  5. Big bass just finished.
  6. Fat brown Fresh replica hot of the workbench!
  7. Ivan, Thanks for comments. I have mounted a lot of Muskies over the years. Please see reference picture attached(clearly white on fins). Also Customer requested teeth to protrude more on the one fish. I always do what customer wants (even if I disagree). I also paint to client pictures provided. Thanks for the info. FM
  8. Gills were destroyed by spoons treble hook! Better to harvest a dead fish than let it rot. Now there is a mold to save many other fish.
  9. Giant Musky I thought everyone would like to see the replica of the giant Caught near OZ last summer.
  10. Giant Oswego Musky Caught on Michigan stinger spoon trolling for Salmon!
  11. Thanks! www.anglerschoicefishmounts.com Also on Facebook and instagram.
  12. Muskie Replica I just finish from Susquehanna river PA.
  13. Gnarly fall Atlantic Just finished.
  14. Pap, Thanks and I can make that happen! lol.
  15. Thanks! One of my custom one off replicas.
  16. Spring Brown A fatty I did for a local client.
  17. Thanks give me a call at 904-716-7048 for a quote Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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