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  1. Thanks for all the interest but everything is SOLD
  2. I run 10lb weights off them.. I would not suggest running these with more than 10lb. weights as I don't believe they are rated for higher than 10lbs Thanks for your interest!
  3. (2) Cannon Digi-Troll II Electric downriggers- $200 each (2) Cannon low profile swivel bases that are brand new and never mounted- $25 ea. (List for $66 ea.) (2) Cannon Downrigger Mounts- $10 ea. (List for $29 ea.) NOTE: These downriggers have seen very little use and are exceptionally well cared for. I just upgraded both of these last year putting $175 into each. Upgrades were: New downrigger wire, termination kits, new dual rod holders and updated wiring harnesses including updated quick connect plugs for quick mounting and removal.