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  1. Also fished on July 4th.... We saw a lot of fish in the 90-130 depth but decided to go a bit east and a bit deeper (180-200). We ended up catching about 10 with only two nice ones (27 lb and 18 lb). Most of the fish came off the riggers (mostly on the stackers in warm water). The larger King came down 70 feet over 200 FOW on a meat rig. The cottonwood is really getting to be a pain though!!! Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Thanks for the report.... We fished the same areas yesterday and got into the fleas really bad.... They seemed different than normal as they were extremely difficult to remove. I was not sure if it was fleas or cottonwood.. Did you have the same problem? Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Fished today a little west out of Olcott harbor.... Afraid I don’t have much helpful information to report. We only caught a few small Kings. We started at 375 FOV and headed out, ultimately going to the fences and working our way back in looking for activity. The water out at the fence was 5 deg cooler on top (about 57) but the down temp was 46 deg down 50 ft. We systematically worked our way in and found the best marks between 90 and 120 FOV but by then we had spent too much time and the sun was high and it was a pancake. We ran mostly spoons and some SD/Flys but could not move a rod. We graphed many fish cruising through the riggers but nothing. In addition, we graphed nearly no bait. In hindsight, I wish we stayed in closer and had brought some meat. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Thanks for the report... I will be out there tomorrow and will provide a report Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  5. Thanks for all the interest but everything is SOLD
  6. I run 10lb weights off them.. I would not suggest running these with more than 10lb. weights as I don't believe they are rated for higher than 10lbs Thanks for your interest!
  7. (2) Cannon Digi-Troll II Electric downriggers- $200 each (2) Cannon low profile swivel bases that are brand new and never mounted- $25 ea. (List for $66 ea.) (2) Cannon Downrigger Mounts- $10 ea. (List for $29 ea.) NOTE: These downriggers have seen very little use and are exceptionally well cared for. I just upgraded both of these last year putting $175 into each. Upgrades were: New downrigger wire, termination kits, new dual rod holders and updated wiring harnesses including updated quick connect plugs for quick mounting and removal.
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