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  1. Fished this am out of olcott from 8-1 caught three browns ranging from 3-8lbs. All were caught in front of the pier heads, nothing caught anywhere else east or west of the harbor.
  2. Olcott will probably be open this weekend.
  3. Ended up 6/10. They kept popping riggers and jumping once and spitting the hook. Lost the last one on a rigger 30' down on a cheater spoon so somewhere around 15-20' down
  4. BLank screen but fish are here, caught 4 fish total out here so far, 2 small kings I threw back, one on cut bait, another on the same black and purple nk mag
  5. Just picked up a 5lb coho, as I was letting the rigger back down, black and purple nk mag hit somewhere around 60' down
  6. Just picked up a 10lb Steelie. 370fow, on a green and yellow nk28 ran as a cheater on rigger down 70
  7. Im out by the red barn, been here since 5:30 from 140-350 so far and not a hit yet. Starting to mark good amount of bait around 350
  8. just use an old downrigger release as your pinch pad
  9. Share your rookie stories!!

    First time out this year I had a brand new dipsy on and never adjusted the release. I ended up fighting a 26lb king and a dipsy all the way to the boat. Never popped the release the whole fight.
  10. Olcott 7/4 Fished olcott today from 5:30 to 11. 5 hits in and boated 3, 2 nice kings and a coho. 1 on cut bait down 80' over 180, and 2 on FF down 65 over 180. Marked tons of fish all morning. Not many takers.
  11. Olcott

    Out now, have been for almost 3 hours, only marks are in 165-190. Haven't had a hit yet. Getting pretty rough too
  12. Olcott 8/19

    What are you guys using? Looking at headed out later this afternoon for the first time this year.
  13. Browns in Lake ontario in shallow

    Is it better in morning or in the evening? Thanks everyone for all your help
  14. I'm new to fishing lake ontario and just wondered how long the fish are in shallow, and what lures produce the best. Any other information would be great.