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  1. Im thinking the big girls are south. We have been getting them good north and like a switch they shut off. Getting shorts but no big ones.
  2. Nice fish. Guess I know were the bigger Lakers went[emoji2] We left out of long point first light. Set up off the point 75' headed south. Washed lures for a couple miles. Picked up went south almost to the plant. Put out a bag and set up in 80' headed north. Immediately marked tons of bait and yep Lakers. Picked up two shorts 18" - 20". Couple more bites but no takers. Got to our hot spot brother got another short 20". I fought in a foul hooked Laker and then they seemed to shut off. We pulled in and dumped lead. 7 colors with a board for me ( monkey puke stinger ) brother ten colors no board[emoji2] right out of the rod holder. Char/ green stinger. 4 short LL's all on the 7 w/board. 1 decent Bow on the 10 colors grandpa style 20". All and all ok day wish we could have found the big Lakers but...... no skunks. Good luck all. Stay safe!
  3. We are planning on hitting that same general area Sunday. Glad to see its holding fish and hope they stay. lol I've heard some talk of big silvers in deep deep water in that area. Good work guys! Nice fish.
  4. Thank you for this picture. I am new to the jiging ( for lakers ) game. I was told by a friend of the trailer hook, but he bait needles the line. The hook is IN the plastic. I didn't have a needle and used your threading the line and letting the hook trail freely trick. Im glad as a rookie im thinking in right direction. This weekend will be the first try. I think we will go out of long point. From there Im not sure? Look for bait and set up I guess.
  5. Nice fish. Lol. that jig link sends me to the same site I found this week. As soon as glow green is available in 1 1/4 in need a doz. Gotta get in on this jiging. We went north of long point picked up one nice 26" laker trolling bottom bounce rigs. Several 15" - 20" Lakers. Two heavy fish got off. Hope they weren't that 35"er im dreaming about!
  6. We went 4 for 5 all in dirty water. Port Ontario area. Magic depth was definitely 22' for us. Stinger spoons 14' down and one big fatty 3.5 - 4 pounder on a old lip less black/gold rattle - trap run on core rod. First time ever on Ontario[emoji2] Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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