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  1. My dad didn't fish with me, but he loved to cook the Keuka Lake lakers I would bring him. He'd take the boneless fillets, lightly fry them in butter, cover with prosciutto, then deglaze the pan with a little sherry and cappers for a sauce on top. I miss him.
  2. One of the problems with the gobies, is that they are bottom feeders, and that is where the DDT is. So they eat the DDT, the trout eat them, we eat the trout and that isn't good. The DEC just recently decreased the warning level for human consumption of the Keuka lakers because of improving DDT levels in them. It'd be a shame if they had to increase the warning again. I'll vote for another 70,000 alewives from Waneta and Seneca that Bigfoot mentioned.
  3. This string of posts is terrific Keuka fishing info. Thanks guys. I have a cottage on the East side halfway between Hammondsport and the Bluff. As I recall there were two very cold winters in a row 2013/14 and 2014/15, right? The alewives seemed to disappear after the second cold winter, right? That’s when the laker fishing got tough. I go after the marks on the FF by jigging with a 2 oz trolling weight inside a white tube, like the bass guys use. Usually pretty effective, but I had to put more hours into each catch the last 2 seasons. I usually go no further than a mile from my cottage, so I’m intrigued by the posts here that imply that you guys tend to cover a lot more ground searching for them. I always figured that they were fairly evenly distributed throughout the lake. No? A neighbor does real well pulling copper up and down the East side near me. I’ve tried it, and I always get Zebra mussels on the hook of the Sutton copper puller’s spoons. I’m going to try it again soon and instead of the Sutton spoon, I’m going to try a floating surface lure without the diving lip. I figure if I put a 10’ fluorocarbon leader on the end of the copper, and drag the copper on the bottom, then the floater will rise up off of the bottom a little and not catch so many Zebras. What do you think? I bought a Strike King KVD Sexy Dawg for this purpose, but it’s 4.5” long. Maybe that’s too big, although it’s about the size of an alewife. I also put a Storm Chug Bug 08 in my Amazon cart hoping it’s a little smaller, but it doesn’t even say how long it is. Almost all the lakers I’ve caught in the last two years have had empty stomachs. But the DEC diary newsletter said that they are living off of Misis, which are a freshwater shrimp? These are tiny, so I’m thinking they don’t take long to digest, and the stomachs appear to be empty. But they are thinner than before. I wonder how long they can last on such skimpy rations. I did well jigging off the points in November and December and there were lots of marks on the FF. So I hope they had a successful spawning cycle. I’ve seen posts on this forum that sounded encouraging when guys reported seeing more schools of bait lately than the last 2 years. Maybe their natural reproduction and some help from DEC stocking will return us to the good old days. The DEC letter said that the Zebras and Quagas were eating the phytoplankton that the alewives need, but Cayuga Lake has Zebras and they have tons of alewives.
  4. Hermit, About that picture you posted on July 30th with the stinger hook,....... I tried something like that a couple years ago, because I kept getting hits without hook ups. I gave up though, because the stinger hook kept getting caught on the line. I kept bringing it up with the stinger hooked around the line, which doesn't allow it to swim very nicely, and I was catching any fish. Have you had that problem? I think my stinger was a treble. Maybe I just had 3 times the likelihood of catching the line.
  5. I've just listed my place on Keuka on Airbnb to help with the taxes. Great fishing, beautiful place. Bring your boat or use mine. check it out. https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/14092834?checkin=08%2F08%2F2016&checkout=08%2F11%2F2016&guests=1&s=Hn27K1ga
  6. I saw a ton of trucks with boat trailers there on Saturday the 7th. (at the launch on the south end of Waneta) Could that have been it? Is there any kind of central clearinghouse or website that collects all of these dates? I think I saw something about a tournament on Keuka lately but I don't have the dates and I'd like to know the results. Maybe somebody could start such a thing on this forum.
  7. goin hungry, thanks for the great information. I want these 1 ft contours, but, being poor, I want them as cheap as I can get them. I have a Lowrance I would have to sell. Then, what to buy? Your unit http://www.amazon.com/Humminbird-409150-1-Finder-Side-Imaging-Internal/dp/B00F5EATZW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1462528696&sr=8-1&keywords=899+HD+Di+SI+Humminbird is about $800? and then a Navionics card for $ ? (I can't find the one that maps Keuka on Amazon) Also, you are saying that the process of adding detail of your own is cumbersome, so, I'm wondering about going with Garmin. Apparently they mapped Keuka with 1 ft contours. Maybe they did other finger lakes too, don't know. The guy I talked too at Garmin said that you don't have to buy a card, it comes in the FF. He recommended this one as a budget model that has autochart and the 1 ft contours on Keuka. http://www.amazon.com/Garmin-010-01567-01-echoMAP-CHIRP-transducer/dp/B017RTBPDM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1462530894&sr=8-1&keywords=garmin+53dv I wouldn't get side imaging. I've never used that. Is that mainly for fishing in shallow? what do you think about the Garmin option?
  8. what FF do you have? You make your own sonar chart, which stays on your FF for you to use next time, and you send the data to Navionics?
  9. muskiedreams, when I go to your link for the map of Waneta, I don't see 1 ft contours, and when I go to the Navionics list of lakes, Waneta doesn't have an HD after it. Am I missing something? I have a Lowrance unit, and I'd love to have 1 ft contours, but Keuka doesn't have an HD after it either. I called Garmin and they did survey Keuka and have the 1 ft contours, but I'd have to jump ship on Lowrance which has found me a lot of lake trout (not to mention the money) I'm fascinated by goin hungry's post about doing your own logs (my Lowrance doesn't have this capability) and uploading them to Humminbird for the community, but it sounds complicated, and the first big step would be deciding what unit to buy. goin hungry, if you had it to do over would you buy your 899 HD Di SI Hummingbird again? And have you been on Keuka? Do you get the 1 ft contours?
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