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  1. Thank you for the pics! Thank you (friends, field-testers & happy customers) for sending in pics w/ your catch Much appreciated, feedback on the various UV Glow-Spoons has been good, glad they are working out! HammerTime, HeadHunter, Zombie Apocalypse, Deep-Six and Eagle-Eye (w/ UV Orange Crush tape) Thanks again! Tom S. - FishKnocker Great Lakes Tackle & Outfitting
  2. nice king & steelhead Picked up a nice 19lb king & 8lb steelhead fishing yest. in Sheboygan, WI on Lake MI - Hot spoon was our HammerTime™ Zombie Perch, Copper w/ Orange Crush tape, 125fow, 5-color lead on downrigger, trolling close to bottom - Steelhead came on 10 color lead behind board - Tight lines, Tom S. - Fishknocker Great Lakes Tackle & Outfitting
  3. HeadHunter ZA (Zombie Apocalypse) Received our production order on these yest. - field tested well last season! Tom S. - Fishknocker
  4. recent pics - Recent pics from Lake MI, Racine, WI - Nice Steelhead on the HeadHunter Blue SuperGlow, Nice Brown trout on the HammerTime Zombie Perch pattern, and other pic sent in from Green River, WY, fishing big reservoirs - 34# Lake Trout (out there they are called Mackinaw's), hit on the UV DepthRaider - Thanks for sending the pics in!!! Good luck out there, hope everyone having a great Memorial Day weekend - Tom S. - Fishknocker
  5. this clear coat from CS Coatings works good, clean tape 1st w/ alcohol, if it is very shiny may have to rough it up 1st w/ fine sandpaper - also to get the tape edges down, can use a little superglue or clear nail polish -
  6. thank you! I think from field testing, the spinner blade actually acts like a rattle, banging against the treble hook shank - not sure if this is triggering the strikes, but definitely gets more hits than spoons without it - little extras I guess (even works for whitefish!)
  7. HeadHunter™ SuperGlow Spoons! HeadHunter SuperGlow Spoons!!!
  8. of course a guy has to drink the beer 1st -
  9. Downrigger Weights Poured some downrigger weights for our boat "Team Busch" 16oz cans ended up 10lbs ea., next time might try the 24oz monster cans? Tip from "How-to" article in Great Lakes Angler magazine. FishKnocker -
  10. For us the ad fees were $282 for LOU & GLF for 30days, they pop up random on top - Also we donate a lot of tackle for tournament & event prizes - seems like it is growing ea. yr. now, hoping to keep it going!
  11. Hi Silver Fox - we setup the banner ads here prior to posting, this is our 5th year now with a small online tackle shop - have really enjoyed the positive feedback, excited customers and of course field-testing. We do a lot of custom tackle too, if you might want something for your charter business? Catch you later, thanks again! FishKnocker
  12. Great Lakes Trolling Flies! Great Lakes Trolling Flies! Big Trout & Salmon #BiteMe! Uber-excited about the new UV Hi-Visibility Fly Materials, from our friends at ""! Great Lakes Tackle & Outfitting visit us at: Anxious for Spring too! FishKnocker
  13. Thanks for watching! Thank you Nick from Ain't No Joke Productions for fishing, filming & posting! Tom S. - FishKnocker
  14. Just wanna say u got 1 heck of a spoon there. All 3 of the big fish were caught on them. 2 on blue, 1 on green. Plus some salmon - we caught 16 that day and the majority were off them. Very ​impressed. I already ordered another set and I'm sure a few of my buddy's will be in the future. John M., fishing out of Ontonagon, MI trolling towards Porcupine Mtns, 8-17-16 Thanks John! Awesome catch!!! Tom Schultz - FishKnocker​
  15. Hi All - nice to be joining Lake Ontario United! We fish out of Marinette, WI / Menominee, MI Green Bay area of Lake MI. My brother lives in Cicero, NY, trying to getting him hooked on Great Lakes trolling - not sure, seems like Lake Ontario has more 30lb salmon than Lake MI? - am interested in the changing biology of the Lakes, ecosystem.... Also started today w/ banner ads for our online tackle shop, Great Lakes Tackle & Outfitting, thank you for all the orders coming in from the NY & Lake Ontario area! Tom Schultz - FishKnocker