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  1. I have ajusted the hook up to me board tow lines moving them alittle to. The back.they can pull a tank now.It forced the board outward.
  2. This will be my first time using my fish x4d on lake ontario next couple weeks.Hoping with all this helpfull input we will have some luck.its been awhile.full of lake erie eyes need a change
  3. This might sound stupid but if your ideal trolling speed is say 2 to 2.5 and you drop your fish hawk down to 80 feet and it reads 2.5 but your not in foward gear,now what?
  4. My plug went on my garman so I replaced both end with a auto plug from napa.sealed the unit with hot glue and it been 2 years now
  5. I've used battery cleaner work fine for me
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