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  1. I get what you’re saying now. Sorry for the confusion.
  2. Meaning his wheel doesn’t clear the bottom of the transom enough? I considered that, but from the pic it seems to clear to me. Maybe my eyes aren’t good enough though. If it’s not clearing the bottom of the transom that would impact the wheel from spinning, as the area behind the transom will be more like dead water.
  3. It looks fine to me. This is how mine is mounted. Clearances look fine. There’s nothing infront of the transducer that would interfere, correct? Honestly seems like you may just have gotten a defective transducer from them. I recommend you email them tomorrow, with the pics and follow up with a call. Being that you are getting temp I would assume interference with your FF isn’t the issue. Maybe it could be a bit lower, but I would seek input directly from the company.
  4. Okay, so you have run it in the water on the boat and it still doesn’t read. It isn’t uncommon after some time for the wheel on the transducer to not work. I’ve seen it. Like the other member just asked, show us where it is mounted. Luckily, your probe will still read speed so long as that isn’t defective or damaged, and that is the important speed after all. Post a pic of the mounting location. It does sound like you either have a bad connection possibly or a defective transducer. The good news is that Fishhawk customer service is pretty good, so fear not.
  5. I just shot drink out of my nose. Lmao.
  6. Man, sounds like that crew cleaned up. Congratulations.
  7. If you spin the wheel in a bucket of water it will not work. It refreshes every 45 seconds if I recall correctly. Did you actually run it or only test the wheel out of the water? If only out of the water (or in a bucket) throw it in and it will function. If not, check your connections. If that doesn’t help, contact Fishhawk and they’ll likely send a new transducer. Again, spinning the wheel out of water will produce 0.0 (Even in a bucket of water) but will read temp.
  8. Bgk88

    for sale : usa 1997 BAHA 285 Fisherman

    I saw this boat last weekend I believe. Looked great from the water.
  9. Wow, that’s terrible. Very sorry to hear it. I hope the fish Gods give you some luck.
  10. He has too much money in stickers in the cabin to sell it.
  11. Huh? I put “throne” in parenthesis because I was quoting what you had said, just like “jackazz”. My point was that the drama we see on the screen is scripted, so to call another person on there an arse is “taking the bait” as I referred to it. I bet Tyler acts a bit differently in real life. Sorry that my post struck a nerve with you. That was not the intention. I’m not sure where the whole “this new generation” rant comes in to play. I suppose you’re assuming the 88 in my username means I was born in 1988 along with other assumptions. I suppose it doesn’t matter regardless. Good luck fishing, Pap.
  12. Exactly, the persona Tyler and the others play doesn’t necessarily reflect who they are in real life. It’s definitely dramatized.
  13. But go ahead and watch the bachelor if you wish hehe
  14. I watch it as well. My point was he “took the bait” when it comes to saying Tyler is a crappy captain... he was calling him a “jackazz” and said he would have “throne”(assumed he meant thrown) him off of his own boat.
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