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  1. 4 hours ago, ErieBuck said:

    I think I’m going to run 1 300 copper line off the big boards on each side, a wire diver on each side and 2 rigger rods one with a slider.

    If I have enough help on the boat, maybe add another pair of wire divers but, the more I think about it, 6 is enough!

    For late July trip, im thinking my initial setup will be:

    Rigger 1: 11” pro troll paddle with atomik Twinkie meat rig

    Rigger 2: moonshine mag spoon with smaller spoon on a slider above

    Wire Diver 1: 8 inch spin doctor with fly

    Wire Diver 2: 8 inch spin doctor or 8 inch protroll with meat head

    300’copper 1: mag spoon

    300 copper 2: 8 inch flasher with meat head

    Do you guys prefer to run the meat heads naked behind the flasher on wire/copper or the setup with twinkie flies in front

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    I always run a flasher with my meat rigs. 

  2. If your running copper off your boards I would not recommend running 2 per side.  copper moves differently  in the water than lead or other lines. you'll likely end up with a big tangle on your first turn. and if by chance you don't, you will when a king grabs the port copper and heads to the starboard side. I only run 1 copper off a board at a time.   

  3. I use slide divers with braid for salmon. 60 lb. braid with 50 feet of 50 lb floro with a rubber bead stopper and big snap to my flasher. Then my meat rig.

    Light bite work great for walleye but would not hold a flasher and meat rig. I’d recommend 2 of each. Light bite for walleye and regular slider for salmon.
    Ps. I run rings for salmon.

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  4. I have a 28 foot gradywhite282 sailfish I'll be selling soon,  new garmin and new fishhawk , traxtech track system , boat is in oak orchard,  twin 200hp yamahas with a little over 500 hours

    I might be interested in this boat. Could you send pictures to (814)512-3751.

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