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  1. I will take one of these if you will hold it until I come up on the 24 th. I will be fishing out of the Oak from the 24th to August 1st.
  2. I am going fishing out of the oak. What time is the eclipse going to start?
  3. Will you sell 1 of each for 200$ plus shipping?
  4. Give me a price on a 1/4. Please.
  5. Yes we did talk on the phone yesterday.
  6. Hello this is Ken Patterson I believe I was the first person to look at your boat. Last fall at the campground. I was wondering what all is going with the boat as I am interested. I know it had an autopilot on it but I’m not sure that was included? It also had a vision system on it and I’m certain that isn’t included. Please respond as I’m hoping to purchase by the middle of march. For spring fishing.
  7. Was up there all week. Caught 2 over 20 lbs. all week. A bunch of shakers, steel head. And 1 brown. There in 120 FOW until the sun comes up then they are gone. Either moving back out or hugging bottom with the lakers.
  8. Fished yesterday out of the oak. Marked bait and fish in 60 to 150 FOW. Never moved a rod in 7 hrs. I’d go deep for steelheads. Start at 300 and work out.
  9. Yea on the way out in about 120FOW or so I hit something with my prop at speed. Stopped the motor dead it it’s tracks. The motor wouldn’t start back up. Dropped the kicker and trolled back in. Caught 4 dinks. Tried starting the main several times, finely caught and sounded like a dryer full of ball bearings. Oil pressure was 20 lbs. (was 55 at speed and idles at 40 or better usually) got to the dock and trimmed up the out drive the prop is trashed. Must have hit something?? Taking it to the marina this Saturday. Hoping for good news.
  10. Didn’t bring lead. I do have copper 150, 300 and 600. Thanks Gill T.
  11. Looking for a starting point out of the Oak for tomorrow morning?? Nothing specific just general water depth would be great.
  12. Following Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  13. Does it truly save them or just take them down deep enough so that when they float to the top they are out of sight?? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  14. I run them on all my spoons, if they don't have them i add them.
  15. I have 2, 300 coppers and a 600 copper and a 300 weighted steel. i also have 2, 10 color lead rods.
  16. My 8 rod spread is 4 rigger 2 divers 1 300 copper 1 400 copper off the big boards.
  17. If your running copper off your boards I would not recommend running 2 per side. copper moves differently in the water than lead or other lines. you'll likely end up with a big tangle on your first turn. and if by chance you don't, you will when a king grabs the port copper and heads to the starboard side. I only run 1 copper off a board at a time.
  18. Where are you located?? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  19. I believe their 8mm Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  20. If it falls through I’ll take them. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  21. Nice report. Congratulations on the big fish of the day. Good going. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
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