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  1. fished west of the stacks 6/5 6/6. caught 3 kings 5+. a few shakers. best king 24+ on blue/silver/chartruess. most came 95- 105 down over 120. early am and late afternoon. 2.4-2.7 lure speed.
  2. are riggers available separately if still available?
  3. yes. heavier type rods are best used with large dipsys with twilly tip to prevent wire from cutting thru eye. looks like a big coil spring. okuma has a nice copper line rod that I use for wire dipsys with twiily tip. not real expensive either. you might want to to look at the new flat metal dipsys; no 5 size. very easy to retrieve. using meat rigs in the fall the plastic heads are relatively inexpensive thru janns net craft. be sure to coat with clear coat as the paint peels easily.
  4. downriggers should nnot be a problem depending on the structure of the boat. had them on my 16 foot . use flashers with meat head rig in summer . planer boards work early season and summer if looking for steelhead.long lines 100 ft . riule of thumb for dipsy divers at 3 setting is 1/3 od distance back for approximate depth using wire line.
  5. try calling king in florida. they may have something available. spare parts etc. available. look on internet for phone. can't seem to locate in my files..
  6. introduction boat: katydidit 22' starcraft port: pultneyville ny dry sail @ lake shore camp ground salmon and trout fishing. make my own lures and tie my own flies
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