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  1. Nice video! Watched it last night. Hopefully get our kids into some action and (addiction) to fishing this year!
  2. Are the planner mast still available?
  3. At Last

    My Flys are killing me

    We use baggies and binder rings. I sort them by colors and keep them in a 3 ring binder. We started making our own flies this year and have tons
  4. At Last

    Hughes 8-10-17 What a Day!

    That sounds like a great day. Headed up to Hughes right now. I hope the weather holds this weekend . Looks like the wind my pick up. Thanks for the report. I'm also fishing half blind until I get my probe working.
  5. At Last

    Hello all...

    Thank you guys.
  6. At Last

    Hello all...

    Hello all... I used to be on this board quite a few years ago. I fished out of Hughs Marina as often as I could with the Willy Fish. Due to moving out of the area my son being born and a divorce I lost one of the great passions in my life. My (new) wife and I are interested in getting back into trolling starting a new hobby. Our goal is to save some $ and keep an eye out for a turn key. a large enough boat we could sleep on to start and eventually purchase a camper. I loved the people and atmosphere at Hughs Marina. The fishing , dish to pass nights and camp fires. Great people and I'm dying to get back into it. Nothing greater than getting up predawn and setting up for a day of trolling. We are just starting to plan our venture and hope to be on the lake for next season. All lot of work and learning to be had. I thought this board would be a great start.