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  1. Hughes 8-10-17 What a Day!

    That sounds like a great day. Headed up to Hughes right now. I hope the weather holds this weekend . Looks like the wind my pick up. Thanks for the report. I'm also fishing half blind until I get my probe working.
  2. Hello all...

    Thank you guys.
  3. Hello all...

    Hello all... I used to be on this board quite a few years ago. I fished out of Hughs Marina as often as I could with the Willy Fish. Due to moving out of the area my son being born and a divorce I lost one of the great passions in my life. My (new) wife and I are interested in getting back into trolling starting a new hobby. Our goal is to save some $ and keep an eye out for a turn key. a large enough boat we could sleep on to start and eventually purchase a camper. I loved the people and atmosphere at Hughs Marina. The fishing , dish to pass nights and camp fires. Great people and I'm dying to get back into it. Nothing greater than getting up predawn and setting up for a day of trolling. We are just starting to plan our venture and hope to be on the lake for next season. All lot of work and learning to be had. I thought this board would be a great start.