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  1. Under distributor cap sorry..The sensor on some model might plug into or on to the distributor.
  2. Depending on the year of the motor There are 3 different parts under the distributor I for got what they are called one is just a rotor , an then a pickup, an then a sensor, the sensor fails on them alot.. all 3 parts where around 90.00 bucks, after reading your post and symptoms it's definitely something in the distributor ignition wise I would just replace all three parts look them up on the internet and get them from a Mercury dealer no aftermarket...Hope this helps you been there.
  3. Call cannon an they will email you the owners manual
  4. Are you selling the downrigger off the boat I'm in need of some but really want cannon digitroll
  5. Give me a call I will take them 315-868-4167
  6. Are the rods still for sale if so send me your phone number I will take them I will be in Mexico this weekend
  7. Do you still have the fish hawk?
  8. Can you send me your phone number I'm interested in the boat not sure how else to get ahold of you
  9. Matt5512

    Sold / Closed 18' sportcraft cc

    Please get ahold of me I'm interested in the boat thanks, or send me your phone number.
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