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  1. Nice tools for fishing Anyone here who uses this a DIY rod holder made of PVC? I've also found the du-ha tote which seems like a nice portable storage when you go fishing.
  2. Lakeyz

    Salmon McNuggets

    Hey, I like both homemade chicken nuggets and salmon so why not try this one, right? Thanks for the tip
  3. Lakeyz

    Smoked salmon

    Will give that a try
  4. Lakeyz

    New boat.

    Nice looking boat you have there
  5. Lakeyz

    hatch latch

    I think West Marine offers hatch latch too
  6. Lakeyz

    Rochester area Flea market

    will take note of that
  7. Lakeyz

    MUST WATCH- Fairhaven Smallmouth!

    Had fun watching it. Excellent video