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  1. I run 300s on noodle rods with mono for DRs & flatlines however they are a bit light for wire and dipseys IMO
  2. Ever wonder where all the generation is coming from?
  3. We found lakers/browns on flat lines with deep diving stick baits I'm guessing down about 15/20' down couldn't get much on top but as soon as we slowed down and put deep divers on that seemed to fire a few up.
  4. I have a Furuno 620/285 Echo sounder in excellent condition W/ transducer Airmar P66 $300 or best offer 607-725-5576 Binghamton area
  5. I launched at T-Falls last Sunday without any problems just have someone watch your prop until you get started out then level is up '
  6. thanks Zeke...hope all is well with you!
  7. Thanks for the heads up I was going to drag my rig up there tomorrow, if possible please keep us posted. Looks like we'll have to wait for the lake level to rise,. Thanks again.
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